Heathen Directors

If you know me personally, you might be aware that I have a tendency to don a ushanka when cold, although I have not perhaps got quite up to the level of these Russian submarine officers yet…

It’s not surprising that I would enjoy Michael Kingsbury’s gulag films, whose characters not only wear ushankas, but have a great deal in common with us as fellow dissidents. As those who dare to stand against Jewish tyranny, we can relate to those brave souls whose lives were disrupted or taken entirely by the monstrous Jewish supremacist gulag system in the only empire (so far) in which “antisemitism” had a death penalty.

Throwing oneself into the icy water is not an unrelated theme here because essentially the theme of the Gulag Trilogy is tribal character. Fake folkish groups sometimes promote a construct called the 9 noble virtues as a tool, because they want the goyim to be distracted, and worry about being exceptionally moral while there is a genocidal war being waged against us. Virtues such as hospitality are wonderful, but freedom is of greater importance, and we have not attained even this at the present time. The survival of our tribe is the only virtue right now. Worrying about niceties is one of those luxuries that is best deferred until we have have managed to achieve basic civil rights in our own nations, and a good chance of survival.

Despite the two thousand years of Judeo Christian controlled de-evolution of our people which I have often written about, in which those with character who resisted Jewish oppression were culled, while greedy collaborating sheep propagated, there are yet a few who have the initiative, courage, and steadfastness of  our ancestors, and Michael Kingsbury is one of these. He did not make excuses as to why he could not make three films about White genocide with virtually no funds or help, he just did it.

Cultural Marxists always reward traitors and target exceptional individuals so there have not been many European Heathen film directors yet to bring certain hidden historical events to life, in fact we have only one, but this is no small thing. I hope to see many more follow his example.

All honor to our fellow Heathen. Michael Kingsbury. Please support, donate to, and share his work and be sure to listen to his very interesting new director commentaries.

This is an embedded playlist of Michael Kingsbury’s video commentaries. His website, Celtic Films, where you can purchase his videos, is here. I have all three!

Red Ice recently interviewed Michael Kingsbury about his movie making…

In the near future, one of our authors will be writing a review of Michael’s trilogy in our online Odinist journal, Foxfire, at Odinia.org

Wassail… and keep warm!