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If you are new here and new to the idea of exploring Odinism, which is your native religion if you are of European origin, we have a few suggestions as to where to start… On this website, which is not yet in its final form at present, you will find a number of articles that are useful in orientating you on the articles page. Other features will be added when possible. On our main site, Odinia.org, you will find articles about basic questions such as “What is Odinism?” and information about the history of the repression of our religion, both in the past and presentThe Odinist Creed  will provide you with a sense of our beliefs and Odinist world view. In addition to these resources, we also several other Odinia websites which have articles on European culture, religion, and pro European activism. We don’t apologize for mentioning the importance of tribal outlooks or  deprogramming issues here, because they are essential to our being able to fully enjoy our ancestral religion. However, if you are interested in what sort of rituals we perform, and in learning more about our Gods and Goddesses, and our spiritual history, we direct you to a playlist of our Odinist rede and blot broadcasts, which explore many of these elements. You can also find further information about our Odinist religion at our new Odinist Gods, Heroes, and Festivals Page.


Just as being programmed to be a Judeo-Christian, to worship a false god, and to consider a foreign religion and an alien people as central, rather than one’s own religion and tribe, is a process; being deprogrammed is also a process. However, the latter is a natural process, born of reason and truth… a step towards health, one that entails coming back to oneself and what is real rather than living in the numbness of spiritual dominance and oppression. Becoming an Odinist is an act of hope and self empowerment, a turning towards the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own path, rather than continuing in fear or enforced mindlessness.

May our Gods be with us...

May our Gods be with us…

Although I do believe that our ancestral religion will soon experience a resurgence in popularity on an unprecedented and epic scale, at the present moment, one must truly be a person of character to embrace it. For those who are able to see the goal on the horizon clearly, and who have the courage to start out for it, and for real freedom, the rewards are great. Of course, this presupposes that one values things that truly matter. In particular regions where our native religion is frowned upon and only foreign religion is allowed for Europeans, Odinism will probably not make one popular with a number of one’s friends, or even parts of one’s family, or with much of the community. It is not likely to give one more time, fewer hassles, or personal or financial gain, and in fact, it may do the opposite, but one thing I can promise is this… If one does seek to practice one’s own native religion rather than following the Middle Eastern cult like a sheeple, what one seeks will at least be real and worth having.

How is Odinism, and our view of Odinism, different from other varieties of Norse Paganism, and what aspects of Nordic Paganism do we embrace specifically? The short answer to this is that, unlike other organizations, apart from Rodnoverie, which is practiced in Eastern Europe and shares our viewpoint, at Odinia International we do not consider ourselves to be neo-Pagans.  The term “Neo-Pagan” is, in essence, a code word for universalist, and universalism is Christian, not Heathen.

In actual practice,  just as Jewish supremacist groups, especially Messianic Jews, have tried to remove European content from the Christian religion, Wicca and universalist Asatru organizations have commonly attempted to change and mold our religion into something it is not and never has been, a universalist, all accepting, all tolerating, “faith” like Christianity. We  do not even embrace the commonly recognized notion of “faith” in a Jewish god, and only use the word faith in the sense of being positive and believing in ourselves, and our Ancestors, not as a call to passivity and the expectation of being “saved” by a foreign god. Much less so do we choose to take on the other even more alien and damaging cultural Marxist tenets of Christianity.

We have no wish to be impolite, but it certainly cannot be considered the business of foreigners or other races to dictate to us what we believe, and to suggest we are not free to follow the beliefs of our own ancestors, or to honor them together without their supervision and management. Nor do any other folk have a right to demand that we no longer exist as a people, as  many Jewish supremacists, for example,  Barbara Spectre, do. Those who are in this Semitic supremacist camp that actually seeks to infiltrate, pervert, demonize, and  destroy our native religion are not our friends, to put it mildly.

No matter how much they scream that we are “racist” for simply believing in our own native religion, foully abuse and bully us, deny us advertising for our events, or threaten us with job loss or violence, they are not entitled to force their agenda upon us. For us to allow them to do so would be a dishonor almost beyond imagining for any real Odinist, and in practical terms, to accept the role of a slave would mean nothing less than cultural annihilation, and racial extinction for our people at their hands, and a race that no longer exists has no religion.

In regard to anti-European semitocentric social terrorists of any race, we  maintain that we have zero obligation to those who seek to direct our religion for their own ends, and we have no intention of tolerating such behavior.  The alien concepts they seek to force upon us so relentlessly are simply not ours. We believe that all should have the freedom to believe what they wish to. They are free to embrace their views, for example, the views they express in the Talmud, but we ourselves are free not to embrace them. We are tribal and ancestral, and we choose to follow the same religion of our ancestors, rather than a hybrid Pagan-Christian religion. Our religion is the same one practiced by our ancestors, with the same Gods, and the same people experiencing our rituals together, in continuous fashion. It is not new age, but traditional.

Another factor is that unlike those who passively expect a Jewish god to step in and reward them for action that is not goal directed, or for inaction, or even for acts that are contrary to a good or useful purpose, an Odinist has a better chance of actual achievement. This is not only because one is free of Jewish supremacist prohibitions,  but because one is generally acting in the self interest of one’s own tribe and oneself, rather than against it.

Thinking that it is somehow selfish or wrong to care for one’s own family or tribe, or that it is evil to act in our best interests and seek to prosper, or even survive, cannot be considered healthy or rational, and it is certainly not effective, and yet this general attitude is omnipresent in our Christianized culture, even amongst some atheists. In the storyline we are constantly fed, the underdog, the inferior, the immoral, the crude, or the  degraded, are always identified with and are always right, while the higher level people are expected to heroically exercise compassion and somehow apologize or make up for being more hard working, moral, or intelligent.

Once I attended a German language course at an American university, one for female students only, and although universities in the U.S. are always a good place for being indoctrinated with cultural Marxism, and this one certainly was no exception, the particular man teaching the course was a little more free-thinking than most, or at least had a sense of humor about the Marxism.

Indoctrination with Jewish cultural Marxism or Judeo-Christianity.

Indoctrination with Jewish cultural Marxism or Judeo-Christianity.

Speaking German, the professor told us a short story about two little girls, one rich, and one poor. Each was given a balloon filled with helium as a present and the story dealt with their individual responses. The rich little girl took the balloon outside and reveled in its beauty, and eventually let it fly up in the sky, dancing and swirling until it disappeared in the clouds. The poor little girl took her balloon and solemnly kept it in her room under her bed, until it eventually lost all its helium and slowly became twisted and dried up. Then the teacher  asked “Which of the two little girls had a greater appreciation of beauty?”

With only one exception, all the girls in the class answered that the poor little girl did, which of course, was the wrong answer, and yet, they had been so indoctrinated that they felt they had to answer that the poor little girl did, because in our present Judeo-Christian obedience- based society anything lower must be better, regardless of actual merit, reason, or truth. It is the same with our own native European religion. It must be made fun of and derided, while the beliefs of extremely cohesive and hostile, or even murderous,  foreigners must be considered sacrosanct.

Give us your land, our god says it's ours...

Give us your land, our god says it’s ours…

Even within the bounds of the madness of Judeo- Christianity itself, in actual practice, only those of European ancestry are expected to sacrifice ourselves and our families and tribe and destroy our own future for the sake of those of other cultures and races. This is because, throughout history, our civilizations and people have been the highest achieving, and the fact is that in the cultural Marxist mentality promoted by Judeo- Christianity, merit is actually considered to be both suspect and lacking in humility. The idea promoted in the Christian cult is that everyone must be the same or be considered the same, whether they are or not, and that everyone who achieves to a higher standard or who is in some way naturally superior to others is somehow proud and needs to be brought down.  This is not the act of a genuine religion, but of a cold-bloodedly calculated cult of white genocide and Communism.

We do not consider our Gods and ancestors a joke or comic book characters on the basis of a book written by Jews, nor do we consider our innate religion evil or inferior, or our history of high achievement sinful.  In regard to the prospect of being rendered assistance  in our endeavors,  we do not discount the possibility of divine aid, far from it, but we do suggest that praying to real Gods, who are also our beloved ancestors, directly increases our chances of understanding and success in all we do.

Not everyone can reach the point of taking off the chains of Judeo- Christianity. Elevating one’s mind and  heart above the cultural Marxist, Semitocentric programming we have been assailed with from all sides, in some cases from birth, takes time. Sometimes even people we love and wish could be freed from its lies cannot make the leap, at once, or at all, but that is no reason for you not to make it if you feel you are ready. It is like putting one’s oxygen mask on first on a plane so that one can help a family member who cannot. There is no disadvantage to your being free and whole,  and you may in turn lead others out of the darkness too.

Bringing the light of our native religion back.

Bringing the light of our native religion back…

Embracing our own native religion is a very powerful act and can be significant and emotionally moving on many different levels. It involves an elemental change in one’s world view. I can honestly say that no one I know of who has become an Odinist, has ever felt anything but joy about it and that this is the most uplifting spiritual journey one can ever take. It is a coming of age, a coming back to our true selves and spirit. It is a transformation that recognizes our origins and our  Gods, and honors our ancestors, ourselves, and our tribe.  It is profoundly changing and should only be undertaken when one is at the right place to appreciate it.

If  you think that embracing our European ancestral religion may be a direction you wish to explore, and your instinct and inclination are drawn towards Odinism, by all means, get in touch and we will talk to you about it,  and try to give you further information you need to start you on your way. It may be possible that you too will become part of our Odinist othala, our family, and tribe, or group of associated folkish kindreds .

Odinia International’s Odinist Profession is derived from the original writings of  Stubba, the founder of the Odinic Rite of England, which  was graciously given to us by Osred, the founder of the Odinic Rite of Australia. In accordance with custom,  every professed member learns to be proficient in regard to the basic ceremonies and rituals of our observances, so that they can be done even when no gothi or gythia is present.

Be sure to contact us if you wish to learn more. We can be reached at Odinia@outlook.com  or at  Tel.  (321) 319-9726

Leave a message with your contact details by phone or email, and we shall get back to  you as soon as we are able.


Waes Hael!

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8 thoughts on “Odinist Profession

  1. I have read some articles here and i have to agree with almost everything, just don’t understand something: Why did you say Christianity is a Judeo idea? First, history – at least that we know – Jews helped to kill Jesus. Second, the Church we know – built on some teachings of Christ or not – was founded by Romans! Was the Romans who did, by Nicea Council And finally: what is wrong about Christ teachings? They helped to build our modern society and modern Republic. They were on the very basis of foundation of USA. They helped to build the most fraternal and solidarity society has never ever existed! I’m not saying i like or dislike jews and i am conscious about cultural marxism destruction. I’m aware about european history and all mankind is thankful for that. But, i did not mix Christ thoughts with Judeo dominance or marxism or whatever…. i thought a little bit tortuous mixture, sincerely.

    • Christianity was completely created and promoted by Jews, not Romans. Romans were invaded by Jews much as America has been. Ancient Pagan European culture and society were of a far higher level and Christianity has destroyed European culture (hence the well deserved term Dark Ages) and in fact that is the purpose it was created for. It is a completely false religion..not even a real religion at all. The resurrection, nativity, and all traditions were taken from Pagan Europeans, twisted and perverted, and false Jewish meaning placed over them, then it was imposed upon European people on pain of death.The only thing original to Christianity is the cultural Marxism and Jewish supremacism. Actually many of the founding fathers were very concerned about both Christianity and Jews, which is why the establishment clause was created in the Constitution.

  2. So do you view all Europeans as having a right to follow odinism like the Portuguese and spainnish (for and example) and just how much European blood do you need to follow odinism ?

    • I happen to include elements of Celtic and Slavic religion in Odinism, and some Greco Roman traditions as well. I am certain that at one time these traditions were even more closely related. At this time we have not made a specific percentage point of how European one has to be to follow Odinism because the vast majority of the people who are interested in our organization are almost entirely, or entirely European.

    • Wait a minute, I might not have answered your question properly. Yes, I personally consider Spanish and Portuguese traditions to be European. In fact, there seem to be some very interesting traditions preserved in these nations. Some of it I shall cover in an upcoming video. Wassail!

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