Darwin’s Choice… Extinction and De-evolution or “Racism” Part 3. Katy Perry vs. Tarzan, Stealing our Genetic Inheritance

All pictures of marriages on the Protestant bulletin board at the military camp where I gave services were mixed race marriages.. Race mixing is promoted by Judeo- Christianity in order to destroy standards, break down society, and end the unique diversity of different races and cultures. It is pure cultural Marxism... and it is Jewish, not European.

All pictures of marriages on the Protestant bulletin board at the military camp where I gave Odinist services were mixed race marriages.. Race mixing is promoted by Judeo- Christianity in order to destroy standards, break down society, and end the unique diversity of different races and cultures. It is pure cultural Marxism… and it is Jewish, not European.

 “All is race; there is no other truth. It is the key to history. And every race must fall which carelessly suffers its blood to become mixed”

The Jewish Prime Minister of England for Queen Victoria, Benjamin Disraeli


The True Face of Racial Hatred


This is the 3rd and final article of our series; see also; “Darwin’s Choice… Extinction and De-evolution or Racism” Part One and Part Two, which are about Jewish control of academia, and the theft of our European identity, respectively . This article, “Stealing our genetic inheritance”,  is about further attempts to wipe out our identity and cohesion, and our very existence as a race, but by even more perverse means, namely, by race mixing us out of existence and wiping out our DNA itself.

I have been harassed and threatened for hours at a time on many occasions for the simple act of  politely pointing out what diversity really is,  and since it bears repeating and is important to our subject, I am going to mention it again. Diversity is the preservation of unique species, and ethnicities, not the elimination of them. This is scientific and racial reality. Diversity does not mean mixing all people racially until there is no diversity.

To Odinists, in particular, who honor our ancestors, the idea of diluting the racial, historical, cultural, spiritual, and tribal essence of our Ancestors within us is against all our most deeply held religious beliefs. For us, race mixing ourselves out of existence is not an act of global brotherly unity, or proof that we are non-judgmental and therefore good Christian sheep, or a sign of unconditional love for mankind,  and in fact,  although it may be presented in an attractive light for those who do believe in these things, it is not so. The never-ending push for race mixing is a deliberate campaign intended to make sure we no longer exist as a people. Odinists, and indeed all ancient European Pagan people, have always believed that we are related to our Gods. To purposely sever this connection is not an act of love, but one of hatred for both our people and our Gods, one that no Odinist would ever conceive of doing. Neither is there anything at all positive about not exercising judgement or having no standards, in regard to love or anything else.

Due to the deleterious effects of the communizing influence of Christianity in particular, and the tendency of the upper classes, whose intelligence makes us the last line of strategic defense,  to behave like diffident WASPS, we have a serious problem. The extreme self-centered lack of tribal awareness that has been promoted as being desirable and fashionable has completed this transformation of an worldwide nation of Pagan Nordic and other European warriors into a herd of passive, cowardly, sheep with no heart and soul. If we are to survive and if our tribe is to have a future, we are going to have to lose some friends, and gain new, better ones, and even lose some opportunities in the short term. There is no real disadvantage to Resistance.  All of us need to get down in the mud and wrestle.

For Heaven’s sake, please do not apologize for existing as I see some European ancestry folk doing, and please do not degrade us by trying to appease our enemies! Please.. refrain from saying that the Germans, who were the only people who had the courage to fight the Jewish communists were misusing a Pagan symbol by honoring the swastika! I am a lady, and my scorn for those who do this is so great, I cannot adequately express it, and that is the appropriate response not praying for one’s enemies, apologizing, enduring, or  kneeling down to a foreign god. Instead of cringing and saying that you are not a racist, and that you just love your race, instead say what I said when a Black girl who liked stabbing White kids in my elementary school started getting in my face and asking if I was prejudiced… Say  “Yes!” Sometimes children are wiser than adults. As children, some of us wonder why some European folk worship Jews instead of our own Gods, and then we forget to wonder, and to think, or… saddest of all, we become afraid to think.

The fact that we are quite literally looking extinction in the face at the present time and are in far more danger than the whale,  or the polar bear, cannot be denied rationally. The question is, why are people still in the “It’s not racist to love your race” stage? Why are hundreds and in some cases, thousands of people looking at these posts, when these posts are not blocked, and liking them,  but most not daring to share them? (-;

In some cases it is a real reason, such as being afraid to lose one’s job, but if it is just because you are afraid of losing friends, my advice is, go ahead and lose them. Those who approve of the extermination of our race are not your friends! They are traitors to everything that is good, and noble, and yes, pure, I am not afraid to use this word. Purity of heart is a rare commodity these days.. and it does not mean willingness to be martyred and sacrificed as Christianity teaches us, but the ability to see beyond the Semitic smokescreen we are presented with and act for the best interest of our tribe, fearlessly. Racial purity is every bit as important, because to a large extent it dictates not just our appearance, but who we are,  and even the strength of our character. Don’t be afraid to exercise your character if you have it. There has never been a better time.


Perhaps one of the most ironically amusing things about the situation we find ourselves in is that Jews have been able to just come out and say what they are doing from time to time without anyone even daring to protest, such as admitting they own 97 percent of the media, and, recently, making SNL skit jokes about the (to them) hopefully impending end of the White race ,which they have labored for generations to bring about. They even were able to, oh so obviously, demolish not two, but three buildings in their Mossad 9- 11 operation, in order to have a cause to embroil us in Jewish wars, killing even more European people while doing so, in what is to them a win-win situation.

Meanwhile, the mostly liberalized and-or Christianized Goyim just sit back and watch. The Jews think it is too late for us to do anything to save ourselves, and so they are beginning to come out in the open and taunt us. I would like to think that we will not willingly go to our extinction like the sheep with tags that they have made so many of us into. In fact, I would like to see this situation reversed and to live to watch them being given the same level of care and attention they have given us… in accordance with the same type of morality as in their  Talmud.

There is also one other factor at work here, sheer hatred born of envy, and a desire to degrade us in the sense of transforming us into something that they can feel contempt for rather than jealousy. All of this was not accidental. Compassion is a wonderful thing, but this is not a time for compassion, but for action to protect ourselves. This situation cannot be prayed away, although I do believe that our real Gods will help us if we act against it. Jews intend to  eradicate us, and other races are their willing collaborators far more often than not.  They have played upon, and incited, and fanned into flame the natural racial jealousy of us felt  by others against us and demonized us, just as they have done to the Palestinians and the Germans. Their hatred and dedication to the cause of our destruction borders on madness and is superhuman in its intensity. Underestimating  or ignoring it, is, quite simply, insane.

In the normal course of events, all these people could just be expelled. The problem is that the Jews are everywhere controlling many governments and virtually all banking systems and media. If they are expelled the Jews will not just give up and go on to their next victims, but will seek to kill those who expelled them as they did in Germany, and now they have nuclear weapons as well. The situation has become far more serious… and our response must equal the seriousness of the attack against us, or surpass it.

They do not want us to “hate” because after all, we goyim  are not allowed to hate, because in their Talmudic world view, we are subhuman, and even though Jews are the ones doing all the persecuting, only they are allowed to be “persecuted” or to hate. First, this glorification of the tolerance of abuse in obedience to  the Jewish “god” was pushed by Jews, who invented Christianity, using it to transform us from people of honor into cultural Marxists. Now, as Christianity is dying and lessens its grip, they are, not surprisingly, trying to forcibly insert this thought and emotion control poison into our native European religion as well, as a sort of  psychological Trojan Horse.

Why is race mixing so wrong, and even so dangerous? Stealing the genetic inheritance given to us by our ancestors cuts off our connection with them, and our bond with our tribe. It is a profoundly barbarous and destructive act, but those who lead us in this direction wish it for both practical and emotional reasons. The Icelanders, whose entire financial future for themselves and their children recently was nearly wiped out by two Jewish bankers and their attendant government collaborators, could only effectively resist becoming the debt slaves of the Jews because they were still tribally and racially cohesive…. because they have not yet lost their identity, making them less easy to use, control, and destroy.

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founding member and former president of La Raza Unita. As in the case of Oprah Winfrey, he is, being rewarded for following the example of Noel Ignatiev, in calling for the genocide of Nordic Europeans. I can see why someone, added the horns to this picture, but they really are not necessary. The people who wish to see us exterminated may not even have horns, and may even look like us, but they still are our deadly enemies.

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founding member and former president of La Raza Unita. As in the case of Oprah Winfrey, he is being rewarded for following the example of Noel Ignatiev in calling for the genocide of Nordic Europeans. I can see why someone added the horns to this picture, but they really are not necessary. The people who wish to see us exterminated may not even have horns, and may even look like us, but they still are our deadly enemies.

Traditional European Men and Women Loving One Another


This intended transformation of our race, courtesy of the Nation and Race Destroyers, takes more than one avenue, including  genetic, cultural, and lifestyle changes which are not just meant to kill us in a physical sense, but to undermine numerous aspects of our existence, such as the loving complementary relationship between our men and women, traditional families, heterosexual and normal sexual relationships between men and women. There are also constant efforts and to promote race mixing and homosexuality instead, especially to children.

With impunity, Jews have mass promoted violent black on white pornography and torture pornography meant to incite violence against Nordic women by Black males, as if giving Blacks a blueprint, and everyone knows very well that this is being acted out in grand scale, also with impunity. By these means they have also created a climate of disrespect for women and lessening of racial pride for European men.

We now even have comic books with Black men torturing and assaulting blonde women and dipping their heads in excrement On regular television, on the Sci Fi Channel, a Jewish producer aired torture pornography in a movie called Hostel. In this film, Europeans were cut up in pieces, and  in our current Semitic media climate, this was allowed and even deemed suitable for the eyes of small children. In opposition to this sick, Semitic onslaught against our people, consider the Germanic view of relations between men and women, as recorded by Tacitus. Before the Semitic plague of Christianity, Germanic men and women loved and respected one another, and  acted as a team against their enemies instead of against each other.

A specially powerful incitement to valor is that the squadrons and divisions are not made up at random by the mustering of chance-comers, but are each composed of men of one family or clan. Close by them, too, are their nearest and dearest, so that they can hear the shrieks of their women-folk and the wailing of their children. These are the witnesses whom each man reverences most highly, whose praise he most desires. It is to their mothers and wives that they go to have their wounds treated, and the women are not afraid to count and compare the gashes. They also carry supplies of food to the combatants and encourage them.

It stands on record that armies already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement — a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for themselves. Indeed, you can secure a surer hold on these nations if you compel them to include among a consignment of hostages some girls of noble family. More than this, they believe that there resides in women an element of holiness and a gift of prophecy; and so they do not scorn to ask their advice, or lightly disregard their replies.

In the reign of the emperor Vespasian we saw Veleda [a seeress who helped lead a revolt against Rome] long honored by many Germans as a divinity; and even earlier they showed similar reverence for Aurinia [another seeress] and a number of others — a reverence untainted by servile flattery or any pretense of turning women into goddesses.

Their marriage code is strict, and no feature of their morality deserves higher praise. They are almost unique among barbarians in being content with one wife apiece — all of them, that is, except a very few who take more than one wife not to satisfy their desires but because their exalted rank brings them many pressing offers of matrimonial alliance. The dowry is brought by husband to wife, not by wife to husband. Parents and kinsmen attend and approve the gifts — not gifts chosen to please a woman’s fancy or gaily deck a young bride, but oxen, a horse with its bridle, or a shield, spear and sword.

In consideration of such gifts a man gets his wife, and she in her turn brings a present of arms to her husband. This interchange of gifts typifies for them the most sacred bond of union, sanctified by mystic rites under the favor of the presiding deities of wedlock. The woman must not think that she is excluded from aspirations to manly virtues or exempt from the hazards of warfare. That is why she is reminded, in the very ceremonies which bless her marriage at the outset, that she enters her husband’s home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and war she is to share his sufferings and adventures. That is the meaning of the team of oxen, the horse ready for its rider, and the gift of arms. On these terms she must live her life and bear her children. She is receiving something that she must hand over intact and undepreciated to her children, something for her sons’ wives to receive in their turn and pass on to her grandchildren.

What is wrong with true love? Real love?

What is wrong with Real love?

In the pro- White movement in particular, I have come across quite a number of supposedly anti-Communist pro-white males who appear to be jealous and hateful towards me, males who hate me because I am more intelligent than they are. This is not the behavior of a man, nor is it pro-European, and it is most certainly not anti-Communist. It would not even occur to a real man to be jealous of a woman.

Anyone who loved European people would be proud to have an admirable man or woman involved and honor those who deserve it, be they male or female, not jealously say, “I don’t believe you went to Oxford” or, their second favorite line, ” You must have had rich parents who funded you”, as so very many envious sub men and women have said to me. I tell you this because it is indicative of just how Communist our society has become.  Many of our people also marry those who are obviously far inferior to them in intellect to puff up their own egos falsely with no concern whatsoever for their own children, and many European heritage folk now actually hate, rather than being proud of those of our own race who work hard or excel. Do you think a Jew would have that attitude?

How did we get to the  point where we  lack the  ability to be proud of our own and  desire to humble and destroy those of our own race who stand out, and why are women in particular blamed and targeted? One basic reason is, of all things, the Eve scenario of the Jewish bible, which,  of course, is not even true. It has been used to turn our men and women against each other and transform our less worthy men into women- hating Semitic princesses, just like Semites. Instead of dealing with our problems, such as doing something about the Jews, the passive, mostly Judeo-Christian tendency is to blame women for everything. In accordance with the Semitic philosophy embraced at the time, men were in charge when Jews were let into our countries. How is the situation we find ourselves in the fault of women? If your idea of masculinity is so limited that it only involves being able to push women around and feel righteous about it, you really are not taking it far enough.

Women, in response to this biblical “original sin” Jewish induced scapegoating and guilt tripping scenario, which is much the same as the “White guilt” tactic, typically either go along with these attempts to degrade them, becoming unchaste in order to please hypocritical men who say they want a nice women but only pursue easy women, or they become doormats. In more recent decades some have elected to become rabid Jewish style feminists who do not value and stand up for our natural role as mothers. All of these options have disastrous results. Men have become feminized as well, and now often want to avoid taking up their proper role as husbands and fathers, and instead expect women to work outside the home and also in the home, and to raise the children they both created alone. We have lost so much that most of us cannot even understand the magnitude of it.

In our original Pagan perspective, women were not hated by European men. In fact, ancient Scandinavian women had far more rights than women have now in modern Semitic countries. If Jewish- led  feminism did come into play, it was only possible because there had been a thousand years of Semitic abuse and degradation of women at the hands of some of the more Christianized and de- masculinized European men, who were made into eunuchs by Judeo- Christian religion. Only a sub male would abuse women of his own race or seek women of other races, or other inferior women, so he could feel superior by contrast.

For a man to hate a woman because she excels is so out of keeping with our native values as to be utterly ridiculous.  If someone else is doing better than you are, honor yourself and them, and either try harder or find another area where you excel, working together with those of your race to succeed. The best man or woman should win, because that is how European meritocracy works, and how we improve and win.  The reverse of that is Communism, and we already have that and it is not very desirable. No man, especially, should ever be praised unless that praise is deserved. All of this wimpy, whiny, “I’m being persecuted” and other trashy Semitic desert con artist morality and philosophy needs to be checked at the door, for both genders.

I may have *unrealistic* ideas of what a man should be, as I am so often told, but I shall uphold them for that is what a real woman does. It is my duty and that of other women too I believe, to hold a man to a high standard, for this is what makes our men, who we do not hate, but love, true men. In some cases it can make them more than mortal, more than human, even heroes  … heroes worthy of epic poems and songs, heroes who are worthy of our Ancestors and our Gods. REAL men. Do not discount the reality of honor in this Communist Age, instead, act to change our world back to a merit based, sane system, while we still have a chance.

The Rebirth of Racial and Tribal Awareness and Different Forms of White Genocide


The sort of genocide we are experiencing today is very much like what the White Russians experienced at the hands of the Communist Jews, in a number of ways.  Here are some quotes from just one of the Jewish leaders of this onslaught against European ancestry Russian folk, which give some idea of his views and those of the other Jews who worked with him, such a Lazar Kaganovitch, who directed the slow starvation of some 15 million Nordic Russians at Holodomor. Take away the packaging, labeling, and the geography, and all of it is very much the same underneath. All of it is from the same source and with the same race as their targets too. The only difference is that then, the control was slightly more open and direct.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.


The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.


One man with a gun can control 100 without one.


There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.


The oppressed (White Russians) are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class (in this case Jews) are to represent and repress them in parliament.


It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.


While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State.


Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.


We are exterminating the bourgeoisie (The last Aryan Russians after they had murdered the nobility) as a class.


The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

“VLADMIR LENIN, (Jewish), real name, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Communist, Supreme Dictator, U.S.S.R.


When one thinks about how Jews killed tens of millions of European Russians during their fake Jewish American banker funded revolution, starting with the Murder of Tzar Nicholas II, and his wife and children, it is particularly amazing that anyone still does not realize that that leaders of the Communist Red Army were Jewish, not “Russian” and that this was not a class struggle, but a racial struggle and extermination of Nordics. But then, this information has been suppressed. It is even more horrifying to think that the name of St. Petersburg, an ancient European city,  was actually changed to “Leningrad”…  forcibly renamed to commemorate the murderous European- hating Communist Jew who made the quotes above.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that this system of Jewish hatred, slavery, and murder may finally be being dismantled. Here we see, for example, a statue of Lenin in the Ukraine being toppled, and this is long overdue, and here Moldovans take down a Menorah, a symbol of Jewish enforced Soviet rule in which “anti-Semitism” carried  a death sentence.  These people have lost much of their identity and independence and are struggling to regain it. There are still all sorts of Jewish false flags,  but the remaining Eastern Europeans are wise to this now, and hopefully some will succeed.

Bye Bye, Lenin....

Bye Bye, Lenin….

Some of the Eastern Europeans who were formerly Christian or Atheists are now taking steps to follow their own native religion again, and indeed, I have been told that one Pagan magazine in Eastern Europe has 50, 000 subscribers. This is particularly interesting because despite everything, Eastern Europe has had, in many ways, more of a continuous Pagan tradition than many other European regions, for instance in Lithuania where Heathen religion was practiced openly far longer than in surrounding countries.

After having seen the effects of the destruction of their native European faith and the forced adoption of foreign religion, the women of the Ukraine have begun to reject it in favor of their native faith. For many decades now Ukrainians have suffered at the hands of jewish supremacists, both at home, in the form of the Holodomor Holocaust (in which as many as 15  million Ukrainian people, a third of them children, were starved to death for their land by the jewish Red Army leader, Lazar Kaganovitch), and abroad (in the ongoing debasement and abuse of large numbers of Ukrainian women and children exploited in the Israeli slave trade). They refuse to tolerate any more of the Marxist Jewish racial oppression of Europeans which has been partly the result of the destruction of identity and culture brought about by the bizarre Semitic cult, Christianity. Consequently, these women have gone back to the true native religion and demand freedom, safety and self- determination for European people. So far, this small enclave has 150 women who live in the Carpathian mountains, study martial arts, and celebrate our religion. [1] .

The Rise of the Asgarda Women...

The Rise of the Asgarda Women…


Direct physical action: actually killing others directly in a fair and honorable war or other military engagement or contest, is generally not a method of genocide Jews prefer, because it involves some element of physical danger to themselves, so usually they do not engage in it, apart from in cases where the enemy is helpless in some way. Some examples of the ways these cowards “defend themselves” include hacking up pregnant unarmed Palestinian women with machetes at the village of Deir Yassin, and the gang rape and murder of 2 million Russian and German girls and women  by Communist Jews in WWII.

Most recently, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira made a Rabbinical pronouncement in his highly popular book, The King’s Torah directing that gentile (non Jewish) babies should be killed because they might grow up to harm a Jew. This bestseller book in Israel also covers such complex and high level moral distinctions as the the need to treat all members of any “enemy nation”, even babies, as targets for “retaliation” even if they are not participating in any hostile acts, and the need for “cruel deeds to create the proper balance of terror”.

 Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira states:

 There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.

For this reason, the worry that a single hair on the head of a Jew might be harmed, and for reasons of profit and ease, the genocide being conducted against us now is more subtle and sick than direct open warfare, although if ever we can be completely disarmed we will speedily join the ranks of the Germans, Russians, and Palestinians.  The idea is to torture, destroy the heath of the enemy (which would be us), degrade us, and  use us, our military, and our resources, until there is literally nothing left, and THEN enslave and kill us. All of it, in the Jewish mindset, is good fun, especially the part about Nordics race mixing with what they call Schwartzers, as in the explicit inter-racial Sprite commercial made by Max Issaacson This last is something they promote due to their extreme envy for us and a corresponding wish to degrade us.

This Jewish- led genocide of Nordic folk takes many forms at once.  as we touched on before, they attempt to marginalize us by such ploys as affirmative action, and guilt trip us with lies to subvert our affection, loyalty, and compassion for our own people so that we offer it to everyone but our own folk. They make laws designed to enforce mass non-European immigration to European heritage countries. For more on this topic, see here. This results in foreigners taking away our land, jobs,  our businesses, and other resources, and endangering us. It is a form of racial population replacement

Most of all, at the very center of all this, is the desire to steal away the DNA of those they hate so greatly and transform us into what they themselves would consider sub-apes. To this end, the vast worldwide Jewish media system is bombarding us with constant race mixing and pro-homosexual propaganda daily. These Jewish organized attacks all fit the internationally recognized definition of genocide, and although we are the main target due to their jealousy of us, their aim is not just to eliminate us, but to make all other ethnicities, apart from theirs, race-less culture-less “goyim”, who are easier to control, and whom they can feel superior to with more actual justification. They cannot be us, but they still desire to degrade and destroy us and take our place.

These race-mixing promoting brainwashing efforts are aimed in particular at European ancestry children, who are more easy to influence because they are in their formative stages. Nordic children are told, even in pre-school,  that their race does not exist, which is meant to make them think it is not worth preserving, again making it easier for them to eliminate us. The educational system also  presents race mixing and homosexuality as being normal, and this message is reinforced again and again, even in comic books.

The false and completely Jewish led indoctrination of the “there is no such thing as race” fallacy also is intended to be a prelude to their cherished hope of our future extermination. It also serves as a typically Jewish moral out clause added in for good measure. The idea is that if they succeed, in the future, they can tell themselves that they cannot have exterminated us, because we never existed. Palestinians and Palestine never existed, according them, either, and they have been doing their best to make this come about in reality for the last 60 years.

A notable example of this Jewish desire  to use and exterminate European heritage folk can be seen in the work of Theodore Kaufman, one of several Jewish intellectuals who advocated the extermination of European people, in the case of some of these individuals,  before WWII. There are also multiple instances of Jewish articles in newspapers writing about “6 million Jews” being endangered in various countries before WWII, and even before WWI as well. For more on this, please see here.

In 1941, Kaufman wrote Germany Must Perish, a book advocating and demanding that Germanic people all be sterilized and exterminated. It might be good to remember that these aspirations of Kaufman are not held merely by one demented individual but were, and are, held still by almost his entire ethnic group. Nor are they limited in their scope to the murder and extermination of Germanic folk from Germany alone, they are intended for all European ancestry folk:

Jews... why the hell would anyone want to expel them?

Jews… why the hell would anyone want to expel them? “The Holy Talmud…”


In Germany Must Perish, published in New Jersey, and raved about by critics, are very detailed plans for carrying out the complete genocide of Germanic people, using the Allied Forces to bring it about. No one called Mr. Kaufman here an “extremist” for writing this book, but a man named Arthur Topham, who dared to mention this truly hate-filled bit of literature on his website, and even to put up a spoof of it substituting “Israel” for “Germany” next to it   [2]   in order to highlight just how much people have been brainwashed to hate Nordics by Jews, has been terrorized and even charged with criminal acts by the Canadian government and B’nai Brith Canada. If convicted, he is facing a 2 year sentence and a lifetime ban on the internet [3] .

All of this is presumably because he is not in favor of the extermination of Germans and other Nordics as laid out in Kaufman’s book. Remember, we are not even allowed to oppose the idea of our own genocide, because that is “hateful” and “racist”. In fact, a Hawaiian newspaper recently  denied Odinists advertising for a Yule event on the basis that it might have something to do with “white preservationism”.

In Germany Must Perish, Kaufman writes:

There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism — and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal.

When one realizes that such health measures as vaccination and serum treatments are considered as direct benefits to the community, certainly sterilization of the German people cannot but be considered a great health measure promoted by humanity to immunize itself forever against the virus of Germanism. The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 — a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45.

Concerning the males subject to sterilization the army groups, as organized units, would be the easiest and quickest to deal with. Taking 20,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization. Naturally the more doctors available, and many more than the 20,000 we mention would be available considering all the nations to be drawn upon, the less time would be required. The balance of the male civilian population of Germany could be treated within three months. Inasmuch as the sterilization of women needs somewhat more time, it may be computed that the entire female population of Germany could be sterilized within a period of three years or less. Complete sterilization of both sexes, and not only one, is to be considered necessary in view of the present German doctrine that so much as one drop of true German blood constitutes a German.

Of course, after compete sterilization there will cease to be a birth rate in Germany. At the normal death rate of 2% per annum, German life will diminish at the rate of 1,500,000 yearly. Accordingly in the span of two generations, that which cost millions of lives and centuries of useless effort, namely, the elimination of Germanism and its carriers, will have been accomplished fact.


What would it take for people to see that this time, they must be stopped?

What would it take for people to see that this time, they must be stopped?


Yes, there is no doubt we are being genocided, in fact, our numbers have now reached extinction levels,  but because we are European, apparently objecting to our own extermination makes us “extremists”, and now there are even plans afoot in the UK to eliminate the possibility of any who are against this planned extermination of European heritage folk from having any opportunity to voice their concerns in the 97 percent Jewish owned media, all in the name of protecting “democracy”.  In accordance with what she calls “British values” Home Secretary, Theresa May wants to preserve our “freedom” by eliminating freedom of speech. Ms May also has stated that Britain “Stands with Israel” [20] , a country she apparently does not consider “extremist”.


If nothing is done, next, once we have killed everyone else who resists the Jewish terror regime, including many of our own military men and women for them, we will be disarmed, and "Democracy" will come for us.

If nothing is done, next, once we have killed everyone else who resists the Jewish terror regime, including many of our own military men and women in the process, we will be disarmed, and “Democracy” will come for us.

False democracy, false flags, red herrings, and a foreign religion with our traditions added to it but twisted, meant to make us feel as though it is ours, have been put into the mix of poisons we are being fed, but make no mistake, Christianity is not a European religion, but a foreign one. It is wholly Marxist, and diametrically opposed to the concepts of meritocracy that both ancient Europeans and modern Odinists hold dear.


Universalist Judeo Christian Marxism, Nietzsche, and European Odinist Tribalism..


Communism, Zionism and  Judeo-Christianity were all invented by Jews, and there is little doubt that Christianity has been used very effectively as a primary weapon in the arsenal of Jewish tactics to annihilate us. Judeo-Christianity is a means of softening us up to willingly accept culturally Marxist and self-destructive values and a foreign point of view and identity as our own [20] .

Since there is sometimes confusion about what universalism means from a Heathen European perspective, I should explain that universalism is not just a denomination of Christianity, but a general Judeo- Christian philosophy as expressed in the bible quotes “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). It is very significant that those who created this concept were Jewish, not Nordic and also that, for the most part, our own people, and not theirs, are following this “religion”. Christianity is a modernistic Marxist mindset in which all people are thought the same regardless of actual merit, or tribal connection,  and all worthy of “salvation” by a Jewish god… one in which all are considered equal, whether they are or not. It is directly opposed to our Pagan European system of meritocracy, and even more so to our native religion itself which involves Ancestor worship and our age-old belief that we are related to our Gods, for example in the Rígsþula, the Iliad, the Aeneid, and countless other records.

In our previous article in this series, we touched upon how  our European tribal  identity, tribal cohesion, and compassion have been severely threatened, and waylaid, and then transferred to other races using Jewish tactics, such as false White guilt, and the cultural Marxism and universalism that is inherent in Christianity. Certainly some people have tried, most sincerely, to take the religion to a higher place, but this does not make it a genuine religion, and it has been disastrous for our tribe.  It has taken our instinctual Nordic philosophy and real religion away from us and changed it from a noble religion and philosophy of warriors into a Marxist outlook with what Nietzsche, in Zur Genealogie der Moral, quite rightly calls a slave religion.

You may have noticed, as I have, that, rather like Jews, Christians are very good at playing the victim card and saying that they are being persecuted, when in fact, no one is doing anything of the kind usually. By contrast, Odinists are facing real persecution and, in America, direct violations of our constitutional rights by the government itself. Nietzsche brings up many important and relevant aspects which relate to our situation now and to this alien philosophy which is dampening our spirit..

He believed that the weak feel resentment for the powerful whom they envy, and that a “poisonous resentment” is built up against the warrior class and nobility, and that this is what led to the Christian slave revolt against aristocracy. It is also interesting that he mentions that usually the weak do not engage in dealing with difficulties through direct action, but instead set up imaginary revenge and even imaginary enemies if necessary because their mindset is one of an oppressed slave whom the Jewish “god” will vindicate in the end without action. This is the exact opposite of what one with the heart of a warrior would do.

Nietzsche states:

Slave morality, in feeling resentment does not seek redress for its grievances by taking revenge through action, as the noble would, but by setting up an imaginary revenge. It therefore needs enemies in order to sustain itself, unlike noble morality, which hardly takes enemies seriously and forgets about them instantly having dealt with them. The weak deceive themselves into thinking that the meek are blessed and will win everlasting life, thereby ultimately vanquishing the strong. They invent the term “evil” to apply to the strong, and that which proceeds from strength, which is precisely what is “good” according to the noble, aristocratic valuation. These latter call their inferiors “bad”—in the sense of “worthless” and “ill-born” (as in the Greek words κακος and δειλος)—not “evil”.


Master morality is a “yea saying” attitude where “good” and “bad” are equivalent to noble and despicable respectively. The master creates value.

Slave morality is a “nay saying” attitude or herd morality which holds to the standard of that which is useful or beneficial to the weak or powerless. The virtues are sympathy, kindness, and humility. Strong and independent individuals are evil.

Compare this to the servants of the Jewish god, and their clearly overwhelmingly Communist agenda, remembering that one cannot defeat an enemy whose god one worships. For example:

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Romans 13:1

1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.
3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended.
4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.
5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.
6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.
7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

Luke 14:13, 14 If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.

Matthew 19:21 24 You cannot serve both God and Money.

Matthew 20:16 So the last will be first, and the first last.

From its outset, with its book burning, white genocides, with burning, and now its Marxism, and now even Christian Zionism, Christianity has always been foreign to our Nordic people, to the depth of our souls. This programme, which contained quotes such as "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", was doubtless made with Odinists in mind by the modern day Protestants who gave services in the same military building we did. From its outset, with its book burning, white genocides, witch burning, and its Marxism, and now even Christian Zionism, Christianity has always been foreign to our Nordic people, to the depth of our very souls. This programme, which contained quotes such as "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", was doubtless made with Odinists in mind by the modern day Protestants who gave services in the same military building we did.

From its outset, with its book burning, White genocides, witch burning, and its Marxism, and now even Christian Zionism, Christianity has always been foreign to our Nordic people, to the depth of our very souls. This programme, which contained quotes such as “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”, was doubtless made with Odinists in mind by the modern day Protestants who gave services in the same military building we did.

No Reason Allowed; Jewish Pseudo-Academic Africanization  and the Death of Physical Anthropology


Among the most insane developments of the Marxist Jewish aim driven academia is the complete negation of reason in favor of fuzzy logic, or to be more accurate in favor of no logic, reason, or common sense at all. Instead we have a collection of sound bytes, very short slogans meant to make an emotional appeal, but which, when analyzed make absolutely no sense. Anything that goes against Jewish aims is altered to fit them, regardless of the facts, and them trumpeted in the Jewish media and education system until lie takes on the appearance of truth and no one dares question it. Here are a few enlightening quotes taken from an interesting book called Kill the Best Gentiles by James W. von Brunn [20] ,  which highlight this process and demonstrate why physical anthropology in particular has become the target of alteration and attack by Zionists.


The entire egalitarian camp of anthropologists… is very

largely JEWISH and almost to a man… related to the Communist

conspiracy to… destroy our whole social order. The high

proportion of JEWS in the egalitarian camp is highly suspicious

for in all human history there has been no other race that

believes in its superiority so fanatically as the JEWS.

G. SIMPSON, Which Way Western Man (1970).


I knew Franz Boas (a Jew) personally. I was able to observe his

influence as founder of the science of anthropology in America.

I was also able to observe the increasing degree of control exercised

by the Boas cult over students and younger professors

until fear or loss of jobs or status was common… unless conformity

to the dogma of racial equality was maintained…

H. E. GARRETTT, Chr. Dept. of Psychology, Columbia Univ.


Whatever may be the sociological value of the legal fiction

that “all men are born free and equal” there can be no doubt

that… in its biological application …this statement is one of the

most stupendous falsehoods ever uttered…

EARNEST A. WOOTEN, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard Univ.


From the beginning of the thirties onward scarcely anyone

outside Germany and its allies dared to suggest that any race

might be in any respect or any sense superior to any other lest it

should appear that the author was supporting or excusing the

Nazi cause. Those who believed in the equality of all races were

free to write what they liked without fear of contradiction.

They made full use of their opportunity in the decades that followed.

JOHN R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford, Fellow, Royal Society.


I imagine that our Pagan European ancestors also were left shaking their heads at the Jewish psychological anti-Reason plagues and philosophies they encountered, for instance, during the Fall of Rome, the birth of Jewish Communism,  the French Revolution, the rise of Liberalism, the Witch Burning, and most of all, the advent of Christianity itself. Much of our ancient knowledge has been destroyed by Jews, Arabs, and those who follow Abrahamic religions, but all archaeology, history, literature, genetics, and physical anthropology support the essentially merit and blood based character of our European religion and world view.

The idea of the bond of sacred blood, tribe, family, Ancestor, and Gods,  is pervasive throughout  all the ancient Nordic world. It is the core of our beliefs and identity and always has been, and if we survive always will be.  Those who cannot take in this concept have no knowledge of the ancient world, and seek to impose Jewish customs upon it, due to having been trained to do so, or, to be blunt, are either lying or twisting the facts, in other words, actually seeking to deceive those whose expertise is not in this area and who do not know otherwise.

Martin Bernal's "Black Athena", supported and propped up as credible by the Jewish academic regime.

Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena”, supported and propped up as credible by the Jewish academic regime.

In archaeology, history, and religion, there are often political agendas, which take truly bizarre and ignorant forms. For example, a Jew named Martin Bernal wrote a book called  Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization which proposed that Athena is Black. This premise disregards the fact that in the Attic  black- on- orange-red pottery style of the Ancient Greeks, the white paint covering added to the skin at a later stage is not as stable as the rest, and often is partly or completely ripped off. I do assure you that I know what I am talking about in regard to this, considering the fact that I have observed thousands of Greek vases, and this was one of my specialties at Oxford. A bit of white glaze being chipped off a vase showing black underneath does not make a Nordic race African.

Bernal apparently either never realized that the one Greek pot he probably saw had lost its typical white skin glaze covering, or, and this would be my first choice, is trying to Africanize Nordic Greek culture knowing full well that this is not valid historically. Cleopatra was not Black, she was a Ptolemaic Greek,  Heimdahl is not Black, and Athena was never conceived of as being Black. In fact, not only are Athena’s eyes described as blue-grey by Homer, but she is also called the golden haired warrior goddess by Ovid   [4] .  The fact that this farcial bit of anti-White pseudo academic propaganda was even published proves, more than anything I could ever say, just how far gone academia really is.

Athena, or Athene, great Goddess of wisdom and war, and spinner of destiny, the Nordic Greek equivalent of Frigga and Hulda.

Athena, or Athene, great Goddess of wisdom and war, and spinner of destiny, the Nordic Greek equivalent of Frigga and Hulda. Roman copy of Greek bronze original by Kresilas . Glyptothek Munich. Her inlaid eyes are lost or stolen, but her majesty remains.


We  often observe fake Heathens attempting to make real Heathens embrace Christian philosophies, such as Judeo-Christian  universalist “Walmart” religion, and trying to persuade us to divorce ourselves from our tribal nature. Often, suggestions are made that our Gods “call” people of other races, especially Jews, as Chosen people no less, to direct our religion, and the source for these suggestions so far, has invariably been Jewish.

Universalism, globalism, and the world village are recent and invented by Jews, not by Europeans, and they are therefore in aid of Jewish aims. Rather than natural and independent tribal life, and rather than sacred blood, Judeo-Christianity has at its core, the concept of one chosen race, chosen by one god based on a Semitic volcano god named Yahweh, and  apart from this, it is  cultural Marxism.

Our society is presently so Marxist that even some people who are of European ancestry, and who consider themselves to be Heathen, go along with the idea that we have no right to a tribal outlook. Having a tribal outlook alone is presented as being racist, supremacist, evil, a hang up, and so on, even by some Nordic Heathens. These people are attempting to appease, reason with, and gain acceptance from universalist Heathens, and others who are not, and never will be their tribe. Instead of telling off these aggressive Jews and others who are trying to force these PC philosophies on them, they degrade themselves and their race, by saying things like, “I know folkish people who voted for Obama”, and by suggesting that Germans “tainted” the swastika when they fought against baby murdering Jewish Communists. It is, quite simply, appalling.

 Recent efforts to turn Nordic Heathen religion into a hybrid Christian universalist Pagan religion are Jewish in origin and the fact is that Jews and Europeans are not the same tribe. There is no historical precedent or reason to apply Judeo- Christian dictates to our own native religion or to allow others to do so.  To accede to intrusive demands from foreigners to alter the essential nature of our ancestral religion to suit their whims and agendas would be a disgrace of epic proportions. To do so would be to treat our religion as a joke, and dishonor our Ancestors and ourselves.

In this vein, an anonymous Pagan named Heimlich, in a supposedly Heathen article, equates tribalism, which he would not deny to any other race, with racism, but only in the case of Europeans, mentioning native Americans being slaughtered as the basis of his anti-European  bias. The fact that native Americans are most definitely not the original indigenous people of North America, but that European Caucasians preceded them, as is overwhelmingly indicated by the fact that all the earliest finds, in the 10,000 yr. old range, such as the Windover Bog people, are NOT “Native American”, is not mentioned. Yet, again, there is scant concern for the fates of these indigenous peoples, who appear to have been genocided by those more commonly called “native Americans”.

 In his article we also see the typical learnt approach that Anti-Europeanism is not wrong in his view, but “anti-semitism”  is. Right after saying we have no dogma, he indicates that “racial separatism”, “white supremacy” and “racist politics” are negative. Of course, what he means here is that that racial segregation, which we can translate into the right to live with ones own people, having the opinion that ones own tribe is the best, and for racist read, tribal politics are all wrong, but only if Europeans are the ones having tribal viewpoints or politics. Suffice it to say, whether this person is aware of what he is doing or not, this is not a tribal Pagan outlook, but a Jewish supremacist anti-European racist outlook.

Then there is the concept of ancient race mixing and ancient homosexuality that is so often pushed in tandem with the suggestion that there is no such thing as race. The most recent controlled false media tweak is that physical anthropology cannot determine race, again originating with the same Semitic source. This too is utter nonsense. Physical anthropology, especially in combination with DNA and other evidence, in the realm of both forensic science and in archaeology,  can usually determine such things as race with great accuracy. Furthermore such differences are so extreme that those of mixed races now find it virtually  impossible to find organ donors  [21] .


…it had come to be firmly recognized that the racial factor

in blood transfusions was of such practical importance that Dr.

John Scudder, with a very distinguished career as surgeon,

blood specialist, medical school professor, and director of

blood-banks in various parts of the world, and as a blood-bank

advisor to our government and to several foreign governments

as well, in laying down the rules for the selection of blood

donors… specified they should be “of the patient’s own race”

and preferably “of the patient’s own ethnic group.”

WILLIAM G. SIMPSON, “Which Way Western Man.


In studying racial differences in living men, physical

anthropologists are relying …more and more on research in

blood groups, hemoglobin and other biochemical features… In

them racial differences have been found, just as great as the better

know… conspicuous anatomical differences… not only variations

in bone and teeth evident in fossil man, and those of the

surface features of living men… by which we can distinguish

races almost at a glance, but also subtler differences seen only

on the dissecting table or through the eyepieces of microscopes.

C.S. COON, Pres. Amer. Assoc. of Phys. Anthropologists.


In stark contrast to real science, based on reason and facts, in the current climate, strange, and at times inaccurate, references to evolution and DNA, legend and history commonly are used to bolster such contrived claims as the claim that there is no such thing as race, and to make the idea of our race being destroyed seem “natural” and part of something larger than ourselves, and this sort of thing can be seen in the quote below. The question of why Nature would wish us to willfully destroy some of its most advanced creations, and eliminating a unique ethnicity IS destroying it, is not considered.

The following quote is an example of a flagrant attempt the anonymous Heathen we just mentioned, who refers to himself as “Heimlich”, to make a science that is actually highly reliable, appear old fashioned, spurious, nerdy, and inaccurate, all for the sake of a Jewish supremacist political agenda,  rather than advancing understanding of real science or real religion. As you can see in this quote and in the picture below it, physical and forensic anthropology is being misrepresented as not being able to determine race because there is supposedly “no such thing as race”.  Besides, if we were actually to look at real racial differences and examine them honestly, or even to consider relative differences in achievement and IQ [21] , we might be a little hesitant to mindlessly align ourselves with those whose differences are FAR more than skin deep [22] .


Heimlich [24] states:


Research into the human microbiome shows that only about 1% of our DNA is actually human. Yes, read that statement again. It still boggles my mind, too. The vast, vast bulk of our organism consist of endless colonies of microbiological organisms. If the markers of racial identity–such as skin color or facial features–represent only a tiny fragment of our DNA, and if that DNA is in turn only 1% of what we are, it seems rather absurd to be fixated on that tiny proportion.

Our profound biological relatedness–to other humans and to non-human organisms–is really a seamless symbiotic continuum. Ancestor worship means the worship of all life, without bar. Anything less would be to neglect our myriad ancestral roots. In the face of this vast ocean of genetic commonality, it seems that the deep bonds of resonant spirit that draw us to Heathenry must be based in something much broader than the scant and arbitrary specificities of human genetic variation.

One of the problems that vexes contemporary Heathenry (or indeed anyone) is the legacy of 19th century physical anthropology, its obsession with skull and bone measurements in particular. For 150 years, Western scientists obsessed over skull anatomy in particular, trying to link it to notions of racial difference. The illusion of scientific objectivity was bestowed by the seemingly quantitative basis of such studies. This is a classic illustration of Heidegger’s distinction between precise science and rigorous science; these physical anthropologists had plenty of precision but, it turns out, little of the more important quality of rigor.

Minutely accurate study of irrelevant factors makes for anything but a truly scientific outcome; modern DNA research has rendered much such physical anthropological processes utterly obsolete, and inadvertently illuminated them in the light of the often racist agendas and worldviews that drove them. Thus, for example, we can see how racially-based physical anthropology led some early 20th century researchers to project a theme of racial segregation onto the Icelandic sagas. Yet such a theme clearly does not emerge when one reads them without pre-existing cognitive bias…

In opposition  to the quote above, here is L.S.B. Leaky, giving his scientific view on the matter, followed by several quotes from other scientists also in regard to race and anthropology.


As a social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress

the fact that there are major differences, both mental and psychological,

which separate the different races of mankind.

Indeed I would be inclined to suggest that however great may

be the physical differences between such races as the European

and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are

greater still.

Dr. L.S.B. LEAKY, Progress and Evolution of Man in Africa.


Despite glowing accounts of ancient African achievements

over the past 5,000 years the history of Black Africa is culturally

blank. South of the Sahara desert, until the arrival of other

races, there was NO literate civilization. (No written language,

no numerals, no calendar, no system of measurement. The

black African had not invented a plow, a wheel, domesticated

an animal or a crop).

PROF. HENRY GARRETT, Head of Psychology Dept.

Columbia U.


Today, psychological and genetic tests place the matter of

mental inequality beyond doubt, as far as the White race and

Black race are concerned…. the intelligence level of the Negro is

far below that of the White.

EDWARD M. EAST, Prof. of Genetics, Harvard U.


…the size of the brain relative to size or weight of the body

is of crucial importance in placing each species or subspecies in

its proper place in tables of advanced or less advanced stocks…

the average brain of the Negro differs in weight, being 100

grams or thereabouts less than the average of the Caucasoid…. it

is quite impossible to maintain the brains are the same when we

find a distinct difference of this kind.

ROBERT GAYRE, M.A.,D.Phil.,D.Sc., Ed. The Mankind



1. IQ’s of American Negroes are 15-20 points lower on the

average than American Whites.

2. Negro overlap of the White median IQ, ranges from

10-25% (equality would require a 50% overlap).

3.About 6 times as many Negroes as Whites fall below IQ
70 (feeble-minded group).

4.About 6 times as many Whites are in ‘gifted child’ category.

5. Negro lag is greatest in tests of an abstract nature:
involving reasoning, deduction, comprehension, etc.

6.Negro-White differences increase with age, the gap of
performance being greatest in high school and college.

7. Large and significant differences appear in favor of
Whites even when economic factors have been equated.

[5] .


The average Negro pupil (I.Q. 80.7) cannot go beyond a

national-standard Seventh Grade curriculum; for half the Negro

group the Fifth Grade is maximum… only one (1%) per cent

(110 I.Q. and over) of the Negroes are intellectually equipped

to do acceptable college work. Thirty (30%) of Whites are so


HENRY E. GARRETT. Head Dept. Psychology, Columbia



The inevitable result of racial mixing… is a massive reduction

in the proportion of intelligent offspring.

NATHANIAL WEYL, (Jew) Educator and writer.


If the Negro is not removed from the United States the

future America will be mongrel, such as the peoples of (today’s)

Egypt, India, and certain Latin American countries… when two

races come into contact one will expel the other… or adjust their

differences through a process of inter-race breeding… the character

of the higher race will tend to be obliterated in the mongrels.



Dr. Carlton Coon… states that while the White and Yellow

races were toilsomely evolving, the Negro in Africa “stood still

for half a million years”…To be more specific, the Negro’s brain

is smaller and lighter, less complicated, less developed… The

primitiveness of his brain betrays itself in the very speed with

which it develops after birth, and then suddenly stops development,

leaving him like a ‘lobotomized European’.

WILLIAM G. SIMPSON, Which Way Western Man.


The supragranular layers in the dog are 1/2 the thickness of

those in the ape, and the ape’s only 3/4 the thickness of White

man. The Negro’s are 14% thinner than White man.

CARLTON PUTNAM, LLD, Princeton, Race and Reality.


Negroes are more intelligent in direct proportion to the

amount of White genes they carry. (Evidence suggests that) the

average I.Q. of Negro populations increases by about One

I.Q. point for each one percent of Caucasian genes.

WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford



This last was confirmed by a Boer, an Afrikaner I went to school with at Oxford who taught mathematics at a university in Stellenbosch. This mild mannered man was not being “hateful” but merely honest in saying that in a math tests in which the student either got the answer or did not, a highly abstract test, that Whites always scored by far the highest, right at the top, the colored always scored a low medium, and the Blacks with no White blood always  failed.

Must we redesign our whole educational system for Blacks, taking it to such a low level that Whites no longer think critically themselves and become unnaturally thoughtless and unmotivated since there is no proper  teaching for us, or is entirely reasonable to expect Blacks to manage their own education in their own way? Is it “racist” for me to expect our people to have our own educational system and our own culture?

In the new Jewish Dark Ages are we witnessing the impending death of the science of physical anthropology?

In the new Jewish Dark Ages, are we witnessing the impending death of the science of physical anthropology? Click to enlarge.

DNA, The Nation of Odin, and our Nordic Soul 


Do genes react to our memories and to the memories and experiences of our Ancestors? Are our instincts created by our ancestor’s experiences, and do our actions and experiences create new instincts? Is our genetic tribal structure the basis of our very soul? Certainly James W. von Brunn thought so (see quote below) and there is now reason to believe that instincts are created by experience and then inherited physically through epigenetics [22] . Who can say what else is inherited.. or what scientific and spiritual mysteries we may yet begin to understand if those with the ability to discover them survive?

The entire GENOME, the body’s “biological instruction manual” consists of 50,000 to 130,000 genes arranged along 46 chromosomes… that are composed of 3-billion pairs of nucleotides, the basic building blocks of DNA …  which, in every cell, transmits hereditary patterns. As molecular scientists further divide nucleotides we approach the realm of nuclear physics and quantum mechanics in which molecules are broken down into infinitesimal (millionth of a millionth of an inch) quarks — and even smaller particles of matter — which metamorphose into varying wave-lengths of electrical energy. At this point science enters the realm of metaphysics where (I speculate) the stuff genes are made of exchanges energy with the Universal Force… If true, is not this interchange of energy Man’s SOUL? James W. von Brunn Kill the Best Gentiles pp.191-192

Tribes have political, cultural, and racial interests and the only way towards survival against the enemy we now face, who wishes to destroy and uproot our greater European tribe itself, is to recognize that we need to work together and help each other fight our common enemy. In being part of the Nation of Odin, of Odinia, a nation based on blood, rather than nationality, I recognize that these considerations come before individual nationality, especially when one’s nations are occupied by a foreign race intent on exterminating all of us, in some cases using each other to do it, as in WW 2.  We are being attacked as a race and we must resist as a race.

This does not mean that I am suggesting that one should not have national tribal pride and seek to preserve and protect the part of the Nation of Odin in which one resides and it’s unique European  people and culture, far from it, but it does mean that we recognize that we must never again allow alien races to use us to kill each other. Blood matters far more than nationality. We are of the same blood, and are brothers, sisters, and cousins… our European tribes, and our religion is linked in the vastness of time from the beginning. This is the primary bond which we need to hold fast to and treasure if we are to survive.

In the realm of religion, it is especially important that we no longer put foreign gods before our own Gods and folk. Not only is Christianity a political tool, rather than a real religion,  but the Jewish “god” demands loyalty to him above loyalty to our folk and family. More than any other secondary cause, adherence to a culturally Marxist alien cult has led us to the brink of extinction. Christians, by the very nature of their religion, which was created by Jews, put loyalty to a foreign god before the interests of their own folk and race. If one is a true Christian, one is necessarily and automatically against one’s own race being put first, and a supporter of cultural Marxism before tribal and racial unity. Any Christian who really wants to help our folk might want to consider giving it some thought and being on the side of our own tribe, Ancestors, and Gods instead.

Christians, who really are stretching to come up with something, anything, positive about Christianity from a pro-European standpoint, have even suggested that Christianity somehow “unified Europe” enabling it to resist Arab invasions of the past. Just imagine how much more unified and effective such resistance would have been had Christians not, for example, as in the case of Charlemagne, genocided and executed 2/3rds of the Saxons [23] . These Christians murdered their own people because the Saxons held true to our own folk and Gods and bravely stood against an alien Communist cult being forced upon them and their children.

It did not stop with the murder of these brave, and noble warriors of our race, who held steadfastly to our real Gods. This deconstruction, de-evolution, and murder of all that is noble and good and full of character, light, and inspiration continued, with Judeo- Christians at the forefront of  a mass extermination of European nobility and exceptionalism . In accordance with alien Jewish, not European, concepts of hatred of art and music, known as aniconism, Christians burned great paintings by Michaelangelo and books during the Bonfire of the Vanities, just as Semites burned the Library of Alexandria. Christians obliterated entire villages who resisted their emotional terrorism and tithe taxes, butchering them to the last man, woman, and child, and calling them “witches”. Exceptional women especially, such as healers, were also tortured and burnt because anyone who could reason or heal interfered with their dominance and their “business”, which included such truly Semitic practices as selling indulgences, a sort of “get out of purgatory” card.

As we mentioned in the last article, Christians and especially Christian Identity cultists are not the only ones who wish to alter or extinguish our native religion, Odinism. Jewish Communists and homosexuals in particular are attempting to change the tribal nature of Nordic religion itself, and transform it into a monstrous hybrid Christian- Pagan Jewish controlled Walmart religion, much like Christianity. This is sheer sabotage because clearly those who seek to destroy our religion have no true belief in or love for our traditions, religion, or folk, which is why Jews also make comic books making fun of our Gods. Why would anyone of another race who hates our race and religion and scorns our beliefs wish to be involved in our religion for any good reason?

The self- chosen and self- called intend to “fix” anything and everything in our native religion that in any way conflicts with their tribal desires and take over our religion entirely, altering it to suit their aims. One homosexual Jew in the “Military Religious ‘Freedom’ Foundation”, for example,  deleted me immediately from a group because I am an Odinist pythia. When two European Odinist veterans protested, the homosexual Jew in question replied that Asatru *might* be included but that” Odinism would not be allowed”. Jewish religious freedom is apparently like Jewish free speech. There is only free speech and freedom of religion for those who worship Jews.

In aid of their program to eliminate European beliefs and religion from Germanic and other European Heathen religion, Jews, and those who are allied to them or in their employ, are using various controlled Heathen organizations and Internet groups  to relentlessly push the idea that “politics” must be taken out of European tribal religion, except in the case of Jewish tribal religion of course. These bought off collaborator fake Heathen run groups all mindlessly and obediently repeating the same Jewish script they gave been given, resemble, for all the world,  the Jewmerican newscasters who all read the exact same ZOG script, while former president Bush admits that these broadcasts are government created.

Jews and other non whites are allowed to have tribal identity and interests and ancestral religion, but we are not. All of the fake organizations and social media groups associated with them have made “no politics”rules. The idea is that we, not the Jews,  are evil racists and need to be controlled and managed by them for our own good without any thoughts of our own cultural, religious, or racial survival or the political interests which each tribe must have in order to survive, entering into our pretty little goyish heads.

Needless to say, this Jewish control of our religion is what must not be allowed to happen. Jews must not be enabled to strip our own traditional values, our innate meritocracy, and our European race itself from our tribal religion and take it over, excluding self identifying Nordics from our own native ancestral religion. I do not feel I can properly express just how important it is not to allow ourselves and our tribe to be politically castrated by the Jews just in this one article, but I believe that this one single factor might mean the difference between our the survival of our tribe and the death of it. For more on this topic see this  video rede and blot.

As always, a war of emotional and dramatic jargon, words, and sound bytes are used to manipulate and program us,  and where that is not effective in our current Jewish communist regime, free speech is shut down. This is happening right now in the 17 countries where scientists, historians, authors, and publishers are now being arrested for relating any facts which, by their nature, demonstrate that the Jewish version of the holocaust is a lie. This sort of thing also was done by the followers of that other Jewish invention, Christianity, which had to enforce anti free speech and “convert- or- die” laws in the past to establish itself. The reason, then and now,  is that both the Holohoax  fraud and Christianity cannot exist in a climate of free speech and simple common sense. Without brainwashing and  threats, both diminish like  a mist in the light of the Sun. Correspondingly, social media posts  with a European tribal view rather than universalist world view are commonly ripped off of both fake Heathen and Christian groups.

The reason that authors are being jailed  for stating historical facts and newspapers will not advertise Odinist events  is that in a climate of free speech Zionist lies would soon be revealed and people would wake up. They are not capable of debating since they have no facts or reason to support their arguments.  If they are able to complete the transformation of our society they wish to, they hope that very soon debate will be reduced to such a level that no one could would be capable of debating at all, or even understanding what was being debated if they did hear the facts, a sort of Harrison Bergeron scenario.

In the sci fi story Harrison Bergeron, a young man briefly takes over the television station, and attempts to reach the forcibly dumbed down populace, but it is too late… They no longer have the intellect to even take in what he is trying to say. If the Zionists can engineer things to reach this level, debate would therefore, effectively, not exist. We are very close to that right now. Here is a video of the new debating style. Yes, this is real and not a spoof video. For those who are undecided as yet, please have a look at this and think about if this is really the future you want?

Apparently our Jewish friends really do not want us to see this video above,  which is  ripped off periodically. I have just replaced it again, which has happened more than once,  and this article has only been up a few weeks. If you cannot see this or any of the other videos here, please do let me know.

As a smokescreen, these Jewish social directors loudly accuse traditional Nordic folk  of doing exactly what they themselves are doing, injecting alien agendas into European Pagan religion.  However, European traditional and historical tribal interests and beliefs are not what is  foreign to our religion, they are. They  are trying to forcibly inject and inoculate us with a toxic philosophical and spiritual plague, and anyone who is immune or who resists is vilified. Now their cry might be “racist”  instead of “witch” or “aristo”, but there is really no difference in the desires of the heart of these trolls, who intend that we should be dominated, forced to worship them rather than our own Gods, and de-evolved or killed, unraveling the strands of our DNA itself.

The Unnatural Nature of Race-Mixing and its Relationship to Communism and Christianity


What is our organization’s view on race mixing, and are we racist? It depends on what you mean by racism. If you mean are we willing to cater to, kneel down to, and adapt to the needs of other races and tribes, lie about history and science to both children and adults,  change the essential nature of who we are to please them, and destroy ourselves, than you will get a resounding “no” in answer to that question.

As you might imagine, I could not care less if you are “offended” by my wishing to preserve my own people and regain our freedom, or if you think I am “racist”. I am Nordic by birth and “racist” by the grace of the Gods. (-: The day is soon coming when you  going to find that using the word “racist” to try to intimidate and manipulate European folk will no longer work.  I consider the terms “racist” and “anti-Semite” and “Nazi” to be badges of honor, and if human beings survive on this planet, that is what they will become.

I encourage you to ask yourself, if you fall into another racial group other than ours, if you would like another race telling you how you must manage your own native religion and demanding that you must change it to please other races? If you are Black or Jewish or of some other ethnicity other than ours, and interested in Heathenry, by all means become involved in Wicca, or study your own ethnic Pagan tradition,  we think that is great, but do not expect to direct ours.

Here is the million dollar question that most seek to avoid at all costs, but I am going to answer it. What about the mixed race person? Is a person who is half Swahili,  and half Swedish an Odinist? No.  Is it their fault or are they somehow blameworthy because  they are mixed? Absolutely not, but it still matters. We wish to preserve our ethnic and cultural diversity in accordance with the rightful gratitude we feel to the Gods for their gifts, and also so that we may live abundantly. We have the right of association which we will, quite literally fight to the death to preserve, because to not do so would change who we are and eliminate our Nordic tribe forever, breaking our spiritual and genetic connection to our Gods.

Unlike their children, the person who has race mixed and diluted the connection of his own children with any other culture and race is very much to blame. This is a selfish thing to do because it is not good for any child of any race.  It also shows disrespect for ones immediate family, such as parents and grandparents, who might reasonably expect to have grandchildren who share their tribal genes. In this age in particular, race mixing is  even more of an act of hatred for one’s own people and ancestors than it would be usually, because to choose someone outside of our race to marry or have children with, when our numbers have reached extinction levels, is an insane,  and hostile act.

The impression is often given by Jewish pseudo- academics and the like that both homosexuality and race mixing are natural and common occurrences, but this is not the case. Both of these acts are very rare indeed in nature, and race mixing is almost unheard of in human populations,  apart from specific instances of forced race mixing of various nations throughout time. It is only under the influence of extreme programming that it has occurred in our society, and only in the last 50 years. In a sense, this too is a forced act of breeding a race out, because we have been occupied by a foreign nation, but to the extent we can still resist, we must.

Those who are related to the Gods do not mix willingly with those who are not. Interestingly, a number of races, even including the headhunters of Borneo, have myths of a women of their kind having children more advanced than they are with the help of Gods, but always, this child is created by mysterious means that are explicitly not sexual.   There are only a couple cases in which physical relationships are said to have existed between human beings and Gods. These can be seen in some native Asiatic religions, such as those of Japan, which may have been derived from us in part since Nordics were the first indigenous people of North Asia,  and  in our own European religious  traditions.

Tactitus, in Germania [6]  speaks of the Germanic tribes with high regard, admiring their bravery, honor, daring, and noble and virtuous ideals, as well as their tribal loyalty. He alludes to the Germans and their racial make-up and divine descent thusly:

The Germans themselves I should regard as aboriginal, and not mixed at all with other races through immigration or intercourse..


For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames…


In their ancient songs, their only way of remembering or recording the past, they celebrate an earth-born god Tuisco, and his son Mannus, as the origin of their race, as their founders.

We do not believe in not judging, but in trying to exercise good judgment,  and we think grandparents have a right to grandchildren who share their DNA and the children have a right to a natural and uncomplicated genetic cultural and tribal heritage that they can feel wholly a part of it. We also have a right to worship our ancestors and out Gods with those of similar background, those  of European ancestry, and that is a large part of what being a tribe is for any racial or tribal group. If you have done something as unnatural as wildly mixing out your genetics and turning your back on your genetic inheritance, you have demonstrated hatred for our tribe and divorced your children from it. The consequences of your actions belong to you, not us.

 I can hear it now… “but I have 1 percent Asian ancestry, is my native religion, Odinism?” The answer to this is that it depends on who you identify with. If someone has one Asian ancestor 2 thousand years ago,  but is almost 100 percent of European ethnicity, I personally think this is not much of a factor myself and that such a person is still a European person. The problem comes in when a person who is overwhelmingly genetically European identifies with that one tiny fraction of a percentage of non-White DNA for some kind of personal gain in our anti-White society, or when they hate others more unmixed than they are. Such people no longer identify with our tribe at some point, even though they might be genetically part of our tribe.. The same goes for a man or woman who has married outside our race. They inevitably weaken or lose their connection to our people, and lose sight of us being a tribal group, especially when they have had children who are mixed. Certainly either of these two types might come back from these paths they have taken away from us, but until they do, they do not really have a spiritual or practical union with our folk, not of our choice, but theirs.

Quite a few Italians, South Americans, and Spaniards and Slavs are so noble, chivalrous, honorable, and yes, European, that they are far above the petty jealousy and hatred, I am about to refer to, and that is because, since they are Nordic themselves, and exceptional rather than insecure, but it is a topic that bears mentioning nevertheless, because it comes up rather frequently. These Southern Europeans, Mediterranean, or sometimes South American people, I just mentioned have no innate hatred for Northerly blonde Europeans for the simple fact that they are either of the same ethnic type themselves or very closely related to it, and they feel pride and love for others of their race, rather than envy.

By the same token,  some more Northerly Europeans can feel pride that some Latin and Mediterranean people have managed to preserve their race and our Nordic concept of honor so well despite so many onslaughts. Sadly, many European ancestry folk have been so altered by Christianity and other culturally Marxist brainwashing that we no longer have a sense of racial pride and loyalty, even to the extent of not even realizing when our race is being insulted, or realizing that there is a need to object or fight. Those who survived intact racially in the more besieged regions were necessarily fierce defenders of racial reality.

Certainly it is true that some people were more Nordic in general in their past than now, such as Greeks,  or Spaniards who both were overrun by Turks, something that is happening right now in more Northerly regions of European due to Jewish promoted mass non European immigration. Despite all this, many people in these regions have managed to maintain their genetic inheritance and culture to an astonishing extent, and because it was threatened and partly lost in the general population to some extent, they often value it more.

Within whatever country one is in, there will always be people who fix upon the most unmixed folk, and in particular those with the emblematic Nordic blonde hair and blue eyes,  and vent their feelings of rage and inadequacy upon them, but those who are our Brothers in blood, and who understand and wish to preserve the genetic integrity, freedom and the honor of our race are those who are truly our folk.

Far more often than not, this sort of thing is not a problem, and Europeans of different tribes and regions simply meet and share information about various religious and cultural customs and it is very enjoyable for everyone involved, however, there are European heritage people who have strong dislike of other tribes and nationalities, for instance, there are English who hate Germans, Norwegians who hate Nordic Slavs, Latin Americans who hate Nordic blondes, New Zealanders who hate Australians, and just about everyone hates Americans, sometimes with good reason, and I can say this with no bad intent since I am an American. However, by far the most common problem I have seen is hatred of blonde/blond Nordics.

Here is a bit of interesting historical research on the racial mechanics of the French Revolution, which deals  with the  practice of specifically targeting  blondes/blonds en masse for execution  and then tanning our skin into leather and making wigs out of our hair to celebrate the act of having butchered us. This was referred to by Osred Jameson,  who always has something fascinating to say..

Hans Gunter States:

During the French Revolution blonde women and blond men were equally targeted by the darker-haired revolutionaries. As Hans Gunther wrote: “The French Revolution was a very thorough denordization of France. At that time it was often enough to be blond to be dragged to the scaffold. The French Revolution must be read as an Alpine-Mediterranean rising against a noble and burgher upper class of Nordic race. [23]

In Osred Jameson’s words…

Gunther was of course a Nazi and a holocaust sceptic, so some people would discount his evidence. But Thomas Carlyle, the 19th-century Scottish historian and philosopher, backs him up. In his three-volume “The French Revolution: A History”, Carlyle describes how the hair of murdered blonde aristocrats was made into wigs worn by the revolutionaries – and even the skin of blond men was made into cloth.

According to Carlyle:

One other thing, or rather two other things, we will still mention; and no more: The Blond Perukes; the Tannery at Meudon. Great talk is of these Perruques blondes: O Reader, they are made from the Heads of Guillotined women! The locks of a Duchess, in this way, may come to cover the scalp of a Cordwainer: her blond German Frankism his black Gaelic poll, if it be bald. Or they may be worn affectionately, as relics; rendering one suspect? [24] Citizens use them, not without mockery; of a rather cannibal sort.

Still deeper into one’s heart goes that Tannery at Meudon; not mentioned among the other miracles of tanning! ‘At Meudon,’ says Montgaillard with considerable calmness, ‘there was a Tannery of Human Skins; such of the Guillotined as seemed worth flaying: of which perfectly good wash-leather was made:’ for breeches, and other uses. The skin of the men, he remarks, was superior in toughness (consistance) and quality to shamoy; that of women was good for almost nothing, being so soft in texture! [25]

Even today, some people who are European and basically pro- European, have a problem with people who are blonder, more blue eyed, more traditionally Nordic in appearance, etc. than they are. Having been the object of a great deal of this sort of attention myself, firstly, I would like to emphasize that this is their problem not that of blondes who are attacked by them or constantly told things like “You know all Europeans are not blonde” when we have never even brought up this subject.. Occasionally, people are upset, for example, when I use a picture of a blonde in an article, or talk about attacks on blondes in the media. The fact is, that this sort of thing is not something any sane blonde is willing to tolerate any more, because it is very frequent indeed.

Some of the people in question are not hostile, but just feel uncomfortable because they have a strong cultural identity and are more innately in tune with more localized traditions of Pagan religion. For example, a Nordic Greek might wish to embrace Hellenistic religion rather than worship with more Northerly Nordic folk. A Nordic Greek could also choose to be an Odinist and this would be valid because he or she might be Nordic, and also because Odinism and Hellenism are closely related.

Our sister European religion, which shares many common ancient elements, Hellenic religion, attempts to be recognized. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152235795024562 Photo Theirry Miron

Our sister European religion, which shares many common ancient elements, Hellenic religion, attempts to be recognized. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152235795024562
Photo Theirry Miron


I do not wish to highlight any one individual, but a prime modern example of this desire to de-Nordicize in the pro- European movement that occurs to me is a woman who has repeatedly personally abused various blondes online, even down to such petty things as saying we are stupid, have cellulite, or, as she did to once beautiful young blonde woman, calling her a “freak” and insulting her dress. In a sense this is rather pitiful because these individuals are rather unbalanced, but unfortunately, this sort of behavior is not at all unusual, as any naturally blonde female can doubtless attest. In all cases I am aware of, these attacks were entirely unprovoked by the hapless blonde person they were aimed at.

Interestingly, in the case of the brown haired woman I am thinking of, the reaction of a male of her ethnicity who had absolute proof of her unprovoked foul attacks was to tell outright lies to protect her rather than really stand up for the Pan Aryan unity he promotes on the surface. For him Pan Aryan unity means dominance of Southern Europeans over what he thinks of as stupid Northern Europeans. Any European person wishing to be pro-European is a good thing, and I am happy to get along with anyone I can, but I do not think anyone can blame me, or other blondes, for not being willing to tolerate odious individuals like this who make constant entirely unprovoked personal attacks on us out of racial jealousy. Surely, pro-European organizations are the one place blondes should be safe.

Not all Southern Europeans are like this, to put it mildly, but we racially aware Northern Nordic folk would indeed be the fools that those who are of this ilk  think we are if we did not recognize the difference between them and honorable Southern Europeans, just as we would be blind not to notice Northern Europeans who actively work against our own folk. Many of the people attempting to cause dissension are neither Southern or Northern European, and we should bear this in mind too. Sometimes we even see subtle attempts to multi-culturalize Northern Europeans in pro-European organizations, such as this one. I don’t know about you, but I have been multli-culturalized quite enough myself. (-;

Ms. Baldacchino states:

I see a certain reluctance of Nordic people in accepting Mediterranean people, in accepting not just the Maltese, the Italians, the Spanish, people who basically are like us. I have brown eyes and brown hair, I like them. That’s the way I am. (smile) Just as much as I like and I accept, because they are like me our English friends here with their sparkling blue eyes (strained smile) the thing is, we should not accept this, we should not promote this attitude of superiority of one European over another, a west European over an East European, or of a Nordic (and this is the real point) over a…  a… Mediterranean. We’re all the same ultimately, We are all descended from the same people, some of us are fairer, some of us are darker, we’re all here. We are not Africans. The Italians are not Africans. The Spaniards are not African.  [7]

Unity is something that goes both ways, and from the level of anti-blonde hatred I have seen in some of these folk, and  I am speaking of those who are  hostile to blondes,  I doubt there will ever be tribal unity between those who are jealous of Nordics and Nordics although there may be, I hope, a respectful alliance.

I don’t care if people who hate Europeans of traditionally Nordic appearance are   “European” or not, but generally those who attack blondes tend not to be entirely European, and actually, the reason I say this, is not their hair color but their obvious hatred of blondes..  I do not need to be reminded, told, “educated”, culturally Marxized, or anything of the kind about Nordics having different eye and hair color. I know they do, but then I am not the one who ever brings this topic up, nor am I the one who is jealous or insecure. I am not going to apologize for being blonde to anyone and basically anyone who has a problem with it, is, in fact, *the one who has a problem*. One thing I hope all well- intentioned European tribes can agree on is that  what spirit, intellect, creativity, and character a person has is far more important than his or her hair or eye color.

And lastly, there is the infiltrator. Is, for example,  a Jewish supremacist who hates European culture and people and who seeks to be involved with our religion in order to terrorize pure blooded Europeans on the basis that they are genetically pure, or blonde, or on some other aspect which they fixate their hatred on, a European Heathen? No. Are they Odinists because they say they are or if they have a Scottish grandfather? No. Will they ever be? No. We do not have to put up with obvious abuse, racial hatred, and the like just because we are blonde and the person reviling us is a Jew, sorry. The same goes for anyone else who hates Nordics of any variety. We shall not discriminate on this one, but treat all enviers alike.

Black African Meme. In the past White men would have rounded up the Jews who overwhelmingly produce pornography featuring European women and girls being degraded by Blacks and other non-White men, clearly as an insult to European men. Now, White men WATCH IT.

Black African meme apparently meant to taunt White men. The Death of Honor?  In the past European men would have rounded up and killed the Jews who  produce pornography featuring European women and girls being degraded by Blacks and other non-White men, clearly as an insult to European men. Now, White men WATCH IT.


Christian universalism, which paved the way for race mixing, is not a natural part of the animal world, as Muhammad Ali pointed out in the previous article, and as every creature innately knows despite all the propaganda. Unfortunately we have lost much of our diversity already. We used to have many tribes, each with their own individual European genetics and customs, all related very closely, but with their own unique identity in addition to their European identity. Some still have this to some extent, some do not, but all of us belong to the same European tribe, and this is a wonderful, meaningful, and valuable thing, this Nordic unity, wherever we are from… we are the same folk, the same whose spirit is mixed with our Gods, with the same bond of blood and purpose between us. This great gift of the Gods is one we seek to preserve.

Communism involves the destruction of individuality, nobility, and excellence, anti free speech laws,  and the torture, rape, and murder not just of upper classes, but lower classes as well. I have no wish to offend  European heritage Christians, because they too are our people, although  misguided, hopefully temporarily, but the fact remains that many do not even seem to understand why Christianity and cultural Marxism are one, or why Christianity is not a European religion. Nevertheless, one cannot deal with this topic without mentioning it, since, more than any other factor, this Jewish created cult has led to the destruction of our traditional European system  of honor and meritocracy, turning it upside down.  Judeo -Christianity  is a cultural, religious, and social expression of Communism, as opposed to merely a political one. In actual effectiveness, it appears to cause as much or more  damage, even than direct Communism. Political Communism destroys the body and impoverishes, tortures, steals from, and kills its victims, while Cultural Marxism and Christianity destroy not just the body, but our racial and tribal identity and integrity, our minds,  hearts, spirit, and soul.

A brilliant man, Dr Srdja Trifkovic, who experienced Tito’s Yugoslavia first hand, talks in this movie clip about  the similarities between  Political Correctness in the West and  the Communism unleashed in the East by Jews. In essence, what he is saying is that with direct Communism, he, and others, might be forced to adhere to the insanity of Communism on the surface  in public, but in private, with his own friends and family, he could be himself. By contrast, in America, people have regressed and been indoctrinated to the extent that they actually believe it.

Katy Perry vs Tarzan: The Presentation of Whites as Trash as a form of Jewish Hypnosis and Training for European Youth


There are two basic philosophies which currently war for preeminence on this planet.. One is cultural Marxism, which is primarily the domain of Jew worshiping Christians, but which has spread even farther and almost become a cult of its own. Christianity and its accompanying Marxism were created by Jews to gain dominance and power over other races by enforcing, upon pain of death, the worship of a monotheistic semitocentric Jewish “god”. Jewish philosophy also demands a hatred of meritocracy, a hated of everything exceptional and European. Meritocracy, a far more sincere world view, is the ancient Pagan European system based on achievement, truth, and honor, with no enforced belief system whatsoever. Sometimes comparing and contrasting is the best way to understand an issue. Let’s compare Katy Perry and Tarzan.

In the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the hero, Tarzan, encounters a beautiful woman, a queen, named La of Opar, in a lost city, during one of his adventures. La falls madly in love with him, but Tarzan will not take her as his mate. This ancient city of Opar, once part of a vast Nordic empire, had disintegrated to the point where humans had mixed with apes. While the women had remained human in appearance because the more attractive had been selected to breed with and the others killed, the males had degenerated to the level of sub human apes, because only the strongest and most brutal had been selected.

La, Queen of Opar sacrificing Tarzan while ape men look on..I guess sometimes rejection can be rough...

La, Queen of Opar sacrificing Tarzan while ape men look on… It seems that Simian females do not like rejection.

It is an interesting story, and even though Tarzan, also known as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, was raised by Apes, he did not wish to marry one. As explanation, it is mentioned in the book that La, although very attractive, had the blood of thousands of generations of beast men in her veins. Tarzan much preferred the blonde, blue eyed, Jane Porter, who was intelligent and unmixed, not only because she was more beautiful and a better companion, but because he could be assured of having superior rather than inferior children with her. Being sane and sensible, as well as highly intelligent, marrying a sub human did not seem to be a positive thing to do for Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of this book, apparently.

Today, such a common sense attitude would be unheard of. After all, we are all told constantly that we are all one, that race, ability, achievement, high ideals, and standards do not matter, that the simple act of making good judgments and decisions is immoral, and in a thousand ways we are given the impression that White is always wrong and non- White is right. Today, the cultural Marxism of Christianity has taken its most degraded form, and people think nothing of marrying the lowest, stupidest, most bestial sub human they can find. After all, this clearly demonstrates that they are subservient to Jews, Blacks, and all other non-whites, following “fashion” and most importantly, it shows that they are not “racist”.  In fact, if one does NOT engage in this self- destructive and aberrant behavior, one is now thought of as bigoted and disobedient to the new clearly expressed Communist societal rule that if one is of European ancestry, one must not only be in favor of destroying ones one race, but actively pursue this aim, or else.

Remember, Good Marxists vote for the least White...

Vote for me! I am not White and I did not marry a European woman! Remember, Good Marxists vote for the least White…

Very few men here in Hawaii, for example, make the mistake of having a White wife if they wish to get a job, especially in politics. There is but one exception I can think of, Neil Abercrombie, and of course he was attacked for it, as was another male politician who was derisively called blonde and blue eyed, even though he was married to an Asian. In the case of Abercrombie, who was married to a blonde Nordic woman, the implication in this political poster is clear, and even in Hawaii it created a scandal, however, because he is not White, Mufi Hahnemann is still able to run for office. In this campaign poster, Mufi Hanneman is saying; “I am married to a non- White woman, he is not, so elect me!” See section at top of flyer, in the section called personal. If that were not enough, “Mufi” Hannimann makes it abundantly clear that this is his meaning in his other public comments. Hannemann, who is of Samoan and German descent, is recorded as having told the  Hawaii Carpenters Union that carpenters deserved a candidate they could relate to saying, “I look like you. You look like me”   [8] .

Speaking of sub-human apes, here is the latest on true- Israelite tube (tru-tube), the Christian Identity arm of ZOG, a fake cult meant to falsely connect Christian Europeans with Israelites so as to further exploit us, a group which actively seeks to make European folk appear stupid and trashy, by using foul language and attacking genuine pro-European folk. They seek to to aid Jews to take credit for our accomplishments. For more on this truly bizarre and quite ambitious, if crazed, effort of Jews to wipe us out, and take our identity as Aryans, see Abraham is a Pimp. Now, Mike Delaney of Christian Identity and his cult appears to be being helped by a company named “Bee Stack” which has no information whatsoever on its website except for a contact form, not one sentence. Upon looking into it a little bit, we find it is owned by a “Mr. Fischer” of New York. In case you are not aware of it, those who try to manage us non- Jews on the internet and elsewhere are called “beekeepers” as a sort of ZOG in- joke [9] .

I discovered this a few years ago after noticing all the smirking bee references or codes on the Facebook timelines of those who appeared to be Jewish occupied government operatives. We little bees are supposed to make honey for the trolls while they sit back and degrade and abuse us every way they can and do everything they can to wipe us out. In response to my referring to this I was foully threatened and the bee references disappeared, at least for a time, so apparently, I was correct. For this reason, I think the choice of name of this company is rather interesting.

For amusement value, here is the African American version of Christian Identity [10] , which, as you can see, is not very different from White Christian Identity Israelites [11] .  Hey, these guys (the Black ones, not the White ones calling me a whore repeatedly) have their own unique perspective… let’s send them to Israel [12]

Most mind boggling of all, of course is the Judeo- Christian Zionism hoax, an astounding religious scam in which Zionists used a few altered lines in the Schofield bible to cause Christians to worship Israel rather than Jesus, as if worshipping a Jewish Communist were not bad enough. They have given hundreds of millions of dollars to Israel, as if we were not giving  money to Israel already [13] .   In this must watch, or at least must skim,  Christian Zionist child abuse video, Nordic children and those of other races as well are encouraged to identify with and even be traumatized about Israel rather than their own, far more precarious postion which is Jewish induced. If this is not spiritual slavery, what is?

The destruction of nobility is always  underlying goal and theme in efforts to attack Europeans and alter our innate Nordic mindset and identity, diverting our concerns and compassion to anything and anyone other than ourselves and our tribe, but especially to Jews.  Wiping out nobility is not really a class issue because every class or profession of people of our race can have noble features… it is about squelching any noble views and aspirations of in our folk and negating any pride and unity we might otherwise have in our own great accomplishments. I hope that soon we shall be giving our own folk the gift of our love and compassion and experiencing  the enjoyment of tribal unity of spirit and purpose instead.

 Zionists use false seminocentric religion, in various forms, the media, and infiltrators to try to present us as trash and make us believe we are trash in hopes that impressionable young people will lower their standards and copy the behaviors that they see and that those of us who are not race mixed out of existence will eventually become mindless trash who are easier to control. We already have a situation in which Nordic adolescents, not allowed to have their own identity or celebrate their own culture, actually ape non Whites in order to fit in. ZOG wants all Whites to either be sub apes, or dead.  Not a very pleasant prospect.

Nordics in dreadlocks. White youths, whose ancestors traversed vast oceans, built up great civilizations, and discovered the scientific wonders of the universe, copying the culture of black savages in order to fit in.

Nordics in dreadlocks. White youths, whose ancestors traversed vast oceans, built up great civilizations, and discovered the scientific wonders of the universe, copying the culture of Blacks in order to fit in.

To close, and to compare to the Lord Greystoke character of Edgar Rice Burroughs, enter Kay Perry,  just to show us little bees, the Nordic ones, exactly what we are supposed to be doing, breeding ourselves out of existence. The song E.T. is taken from an album called Teenage Dream. Young people are targeted because they are still suggestible. In fact, their brains do not even finish growing until approx. the age of 22 [14]  .

The song “E.T.” or “Extraterrestrial” is aimed at teen and pre-teen European ancestry girls and is supposed to suggest how radical and rebellious it is to race mix, presenting it as exciting, and ever so glamorous! Was this song written primarily by Jews who changed their names?  If so, what a coincidence! The song was created, among others,  by “Max Martin” (aka. Karl Martin Sandberg) and  “Ammo” (born Joshua Coleman).

The video below starts out with the very Black Kanye West, who hates Nordics so much that he ripped a musical award out of the hands of a young blonde singer, Taylor Swift, because, in his opinion, it should have gone to a Black African. Let’s see what he and Katy Perry, have  to say…

First we hear a few lines of old fashioned romantic music, which is axed as the catchy rap beat replaces it,  very symbolic, is it not? In case any little European ancestry girl is in doubt of what she should be doing, we have it all laid out for us here in both the lyrics and the video, with absolutely no European masculine love interests included. The video even has short subliminal message flashes of monkeys having sex (see picture just below), exploding bombs, stunned deer, cherries, and a baby. Then, Katy Perry walks off into the post- apocalyptic world with a light skinned negro, after having changed into part deer herself, namely after having symbolically become the race-mixing victim she says she wants to be in the lyrics below and presumably having mixed race babies. This is featured as an exotic transformation, rather than the death of all sentient life left on the planet. And so, Dear Reader, please think about your choices carefully. They could mean all the difference in the world.

Somehow, I never imagined that I would ever be putting a screen shot of subliminal monkey sex flash in an article. Cross out added by me. Please, no bestiality.

Somehow, I never imagined that I would be putting a screenshot pic of a subliminal monkey sex flash in an article. Cross out added.  Please, no bestiality.

Where in the world can my lover be?

Where in the wonderful world is there someone for me?

Kanye West: 

I got a dirty mind
I got filthy ways
I’m trying to bathe my ape
In your milky way
I’m a legend, I’m irreverent, I be reverend
I be so far up
We don’t give fuck

Welcome to the danger zone
Step into the fantasy
You are now invited to
The other side of sanity
They callin’ me an alien
A big-headed astronaut
Maybe it’s because your boy
Yeezy get ass a lot…

Katy Perry

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil, could you be an angel?
Your touch, magnetizing
Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing

They say be afraid
You’re not like the others, futuristic lover
Different DNA, they don’t understand you

You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go, lead me into the light

Kiss me, Ki-Ki-Kiss me
Infect me with your loving fill me with your
Take me, Ta-Ta-Take me
Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, Boy you’re an alien, your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural, extra-terrestrial..

You’re so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers, stun me with your laser
Your kiss is cosmic, every move is magic

You’re from a whole ‘nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go, lead me into the light

Kiss me, Ki-Ki-Kiss me
Infect me with your loving fill me with your
Take me, Ta-Ta-Take me
Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, Boy you’re an alien, your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural, extra-terrestrial

This is transcendental,
On another level
Boy, you’re my lucky star
I wanna walk on your wavelength
And be there when you vibrate
For you, I’ll risk it all

 Kanye West:

I know a bar out in Mars
When they driving spaceships
Instead of cars
Coup a prada space suit about stars
Gettin’ stupid high straight up out the jars
Pockets on shrek, rockets on deck
Tell me what’s next, alien sex
Imma disrobe you, then I’ma probe you
See, I abducted you
So I tell you what to do

Katy Perry

Kiss me, Ki-Ki-Kiss me
Infect me with your loving fill me with your
Take me, Ta-Ta-Take me
Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, Boy you’re an alien, your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural, extra-terrestrial



Boy, Boy you’re an alien, your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural, extra-terrestrial..


©2012 Odinia All Rights Reserved


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Darwin’s Choice.. Extinction and De-evolution or “Racism”? Part 2. The Theft of European Identity…

Knock, Knock. Who's There? White genocide. Cowardly self destruction or race war. Which will you choose?

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? White genocide. Cowardly self destruction or race war. Which will you choose?


In our previous article, we talked a bit about Jewish control of academia, a subject one could write an entire encyclopedia set on, although there might be difficulty publishing it because Jews control much of our publishing too, something we really need to change if anything is to improve. Getting the word out is the first step and that is what I and a few others are doing, but we need action from everyone in our tribe. We need everyone left who is sane to stand up together and say “No”. Most of all, we need to reverse the theft of European identity.

Our European soul and our racial tribal cohesion, loyalty, and compassion for our tribe have been ruthlessly stripped away, leaving many of us profoundly disconnected. The vast majority of our folk are so programmed and brainwashed that they cannot even feel empathy  for their own kind, for example, Graig Meyer, a lawmaker who is supposed to represent all his constituents but who is “ashamed of his whiteness” [1] . Truthfully, although Zionists have instigated virtually all our problems, at the moment, some of our own folk are our worst enemies, and if some of these people can be made to understand what is happening and snap out of their brainwashing, we would have a far better chance of success. This article will explore some of the forms this anti-tribal insanity takes.

The Racial Co-dependant

This is a dysfunctional helping relationship in which  one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, irresponsibility, or underachievement, but in this case, such behavior is applied on a larger tribal and ethnic scale. This person is addicted to self-sacrificing and denies help to himself and his tribe, but lavishes care and attention on races other than his own. The more he hurts or destroys his own people the better he feels about it, because he believes this is righteous and noble and he gets an ego stroke from it. This is a learnt role and he has problems deviating from it.



Although sometimes White European ancestry people will spend time trying to help Palestinians, who are being exterminated by Jews, the thought of helping anyone who is of their own race experiencing the same thing or worse is often one that is totally out of bounds for them. They are taught to make a virtue of this racial denial, and further, indoctrinated with a  fear that if they do not neglect, or even revile and hate their own kind, they will be branded a “racist” and receive the same abuse. To define such people as cowards and traitors would be something of an understatement.

We are bombarded with propaganda about Anne Frank, who died of typhus and wrote her memoirs in ball point pen, which had not been invented yet, but we do not even know the names of the two million European girls and women who were gang raped, often to death, by the Red Army, whose leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish. Why? Because they do not matter because they are European ancestry. They are "goyim".

We are bombarded with propaganda about Anne Frank, who died of typhus and wrote her memoirs in ball point pen, which had not been invented yet, but we do not even know the names of the two million European girls and women who were gang raped, often to death, by the Red Army, whose leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish. Why? Because they do not matter because they are European ancestry. To Jews, who own the vast majority of the media, they are “goyim”, which means “human cattle”.

One might well ask, what about our own folk, who have suffered far more from Jewish orchestrated genocides than any other race? Is anyone helping them? Some  have reached a stage of deprogramming where they are able to resist their masters slightly and fight for the Palestinians, but this is only half of the way to the goal. Freedom and self-determination require the ability to act in favor of one’s own people, yes, even to love one’s own people. This is the spot on the horizon we need to focus on and row toward, as hard as we can.

The Semitic Princess 

This is a person who simply has to be the center of attention, and will do anything to be so. There may be a greater goal involved, such as eliminating the White Race,  but the  hysteria, and demands made that everyone must see everything from his point of view are endless and suit the particular histrionic personal needs of this sociopathic type. Generally the intense dramatic demands leave any normal person shaking his or her head in response to their rants  in disbelief, however many people eventually give in to them due either to their sheer persistence or, very often, in response to threats or guilt trips made by the Semitic princess.. This is a big mistake because they always want more. The Semitic Princess can be male or female and is often homosexual. Like a toddler, he is completely unable to see anything but himself and his needs and has not the slightest moral character to stand in the way of getting them met. He is the exact opposite of the endlessly self-sacrificing almost exclusively European racial co- dependant above, who is particularly susceptible to these agitators.


It goes without saying that those who seek to blot out and destroy our culture, our religion, our tribal identity, and our existence, and even the memory of our people, are our mortal enemies, for example, the co-founder of the Jewish supremacist terrorist  group we alluded to last time, the organization which refers to  itself as anti-racist but does not allow anti-Zionist posts . If you happen to be unfamiliar with Zionism and Communism, both invented by Jews, and both of which are derived from the Jewish religion itself, from the Talmud, please see here and judge for yourself.

Here is a sampling of Ryan Smith’s view of what needs to be done to anyone who opposes Jewish supremacy, or disagrees with him in any way, and as you can see, although he purports to be a Heathen, his ravings sound as though they were straight out of “Deuteronomy” or The Communist Manifesto. His comments are taken from a website called “The Wild Hunt”, and appear to be about enforcing an anti-European witch hunt regime rather than Pagan content, although, horrifically, he does quote the Havamal.

He is  using our religion as a chameleon would use camouflage… and as part of an attempt to  romanticize his goal of removing Nordic folk from European Heathenry. It is quite similar to the identity stealing tactics of Jewish- led Christian Zionism. If they can make you identify with them and their causes rather than your own tribe, they have enslaved you and eliminated your independent existence and identity.

Enslavement by Jews body and soul...

Enslavement by Jews body and soul…

In the case of  European ancestry people whom he seeks to involve as helpers in his attempt to exterminate our own folk , he tries  to make this hate-filled betrayal sound noble, heroic, and self-sacrificing.   Please bear in mind that Heathens United Against “Racism” members routinely foully abuse and bully anyone who does not obey them, and one of them even has  written about ambushing me with his friends and beating me with a baseball bat. They are not merely harmless cranks. They are insane.

Ryan Smith states:

The greater patterns of misogyny, racism, fundamentalism, homophobic and transphobic words and deeds do not solely exist in the mainstream. Many of these assumptions are at work in our communities and in our movement. If we dig out the organized, most egregious examples of these toxins by root, stem, and branch, but leave undisturbed the soil in which their seeds first took root, then we will be passing this terrible burden on to the next generation of Heathens. Without decisively removing the ubiquitous influence of systemic prejudices against the marginalized in our society, then any immediate success over organized hate groups will be at best a fleeting victory. The course ahead will not be easy and will take everyone well past what they find comfortable. But in that challenges, struggle and toil, there is an opportunity to truly prove ourselves. We can, and we must, show the often quoted words from the Havamal…[2]

The quote above is not the statement of a Nordic Pagan but of an individual dedicated to the cause of Jewish supremacism and white genocide. Saying one is a Heathen does not necessarily mean one is,   any more than Mr. “Smith” getting dressed up in a kilt and frolicking with his male friends in San Francisco makes him a “Scot”.  However, from a psychological perspective, it is interesting to compare his demented exhortations to the psychotic ravings of others of his real tribe:

Ezekiel 17:9 ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Will it thrive? Will he not pull up its roots and cut off its fruit, so that it withers–so that all its sprouting leaves wither? And neither by great strength nor by many people can it be raised from its roots again.”

 Malachi 4:1 “For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace; and all the arrogant and every evildoer will be chaff; and the day that is coming will set them ablaze,” says the LORD of hosts, “so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.”

Amos 2:9 “But as my people watched, I destroyed the Amorites, though they were as tall as cedars and as strong as oaks. I destroyed the fruit on their branches and dug out their roots.”

Hell, even Daniel left a stump (although covered it with metal… hmnn)

Daniel 4:13-16 ‘I was looking in the visions in my mind as I lay on my bed, and behold, an angelic watcher, a holy one, descended from heaven. ‘He shouted out and spoke as follows: “Chop down the tree and cut off its branches, Strip off its foliage and scatter its fruit; Let the beasts flee from under it And the birds from its branches. Yet leave the stump with its roots in the ground, but with a band of iron and bronze around it.

For more about the tendency of Zionists to cut down the trees of helpless people, steal their olives, poison their wells etc, just the tip of the iceberg really, see here.

Exceptional European folk being burned as witches by Judeo-Christians, in part by other Europeans influenced by Jewish Marxist philosophy.

The insanity of Communism. Exceptional European folk being burned as witches by Judeo-Christians, in part by other Europeans influenced by Jewish Marxist philosophy

The Marxist Mob Zombie

This is a person who has lost whatever reasoning ability she or he ever had, at least in selective areas, or who never had any. Sometimes, very sadly, this is brought about through extreme indoctrination of an otherwise highly intelligent person, but at other times, the person in question simply lacks experience, education, intelligence, or logic, and their entire world view is based on the Jewish bible. Such a person may actually believe that this obsessive Semitocentric view based on Jewish authority is right, and they bond with others on the basis of it. Their whole identity is tied up in this dogmatic focus and thinking past the boundaries they have been given is frightening for them. Sometimes this type envies those more intelligent than they are and they use the Marxist tenets of Christianity to feel superior to those people they secretly are jealous of and hate, but whom they cannot admit they hate due to their religion… the, “You may be smarter than I am but who needs logic and reason, I am “saved” and I know about Yahweh and you are just an evil, arrogant, sinner who needs to be humbled” approach. They often actually think they are anti-communist, or traditional, and conservative,  but they are not. Underneath all this repression,  there can be extreme rage and the person they wish to take it out on is not Yahweh and the Jews, whom they fear, but someone of a higher social class or greater ability. This plays right into the hands of the Jews, as it was meant to, because, above all other things, they wish for the destruction of those who are exceptional and of noble blood in our race and being able to get our own folk to abuse or kill us is a real buzz for them. These Zombies may be European ethnically, but their hypocrisy is very Semitic indeed.


This leads us to the truly horrific part of all of this, one that, in all honesty, must be defined as the Christian, or let’s say, the Judeo- Christian, part. What are many of us doing in response to all this institutionalized hatred and sick marginalization of our own people? The shocking answer is this… While their own people hover on the brink of extinction, Christians of European ethnicity are sending money to Africans.

Our own people are hungry and disadvantaged, and are being quite literally exterminated and snuffed out of existence before our eyes, our numbers plummeting from over 30 percent to approx. 7-8 percent of the world population. Instead of making any protest, twisted Christians commonly embrace this Jewish- led white genocide agenda wholeheartedly, and even consider themselves noble for dooming their own people to misery and destruction. They neglect their responsibility  to their own families and tribe, and crawl on their  bellies to the Jews, putting obedience to a foreign, alien, and culturally Marxist god and religion before the interests of their own folk. They even congratulate themselves on the prospect of being rewarded both in this life, and they think, the next, for aiding and abetting a genocide of Europeans and betraying even their own children.

One can read and quote a Jewish book all one likes, but we are not going to survive by the grace of a Jewish god or be rewarded by him for destroying ourselves as some seem to think..White guilt and Christianity have been used by Zionists, very effectively,  to redirect our natural compassion, loyalty, and responsibility away from our own people, in order make us serfs for other races…

There is a complete media black out on the thriving White sex slave trade in Israel using Ukranian women and children and even little boys. Not once have I ever seen any of those who are fixated upon the primarily Jewish owned African slave trade of the past, show the slightest concern for these present victims of Jews.

There is a complete media black out on the thriving White sex slave trade in Israel using Ukranian women and children and even little boys. Not once have I ever seen any of those who are so guilt ridden and fixated  upon the primarily Jewish (not European) owned African slave trade of the past, show the slightest concern for these slaves, the present victims of Jews.

Often the people so programmed are not even aware that anything is wrong. They identify with their abusers, and salivate on cue, much like the dogs in Pavlov’s experiments. They look right at what is happening, but are not able to see it, with either their eyes or mind, and they are either too afraid to acknowledge reality, or not able to reason. The level of cognitive dissonance inherent in this brainwashing is so great that any questioning of their programming makes them, hysterical, abusive, and violent, just like the cultural Marxist Christians and Muslims who (in different stages)  burned the Library of Alexandria. If they cannot deal with a fact or even a person who does not fit into their programming, they will destroy evidence, lie, remove comments to obscure the truth, and even kill anyone who does not agree or whose existence does not support their mandatory views, such as Hypatia.

This is not simply a war between Jews and Nordics, but a war also between those who are able to think and reason and those who are incapable of doing so. De-evolution, in a mental sense, does not even begin to cover it, because animals in the forest have more sense and intelligence than these warped ones . Sadly, they appear to  have virtually no higher level of brain function left and whether this is from physical cause or programming by Jews does not really matter. They certainly are not our people  anymore.

The burning of Library of Alexandria. An estimated 90 % of our ancient Nordic knowledge was burnt by Semites, both Arab and Jewish, and those who followed Jewish religion.

The burning of Library of Alexandria. An estimated 90 % of our ancient Nordic knowledge was burnt by Semites, both Arab and Jewish, and by those who followed the Jewish created religion, Christianity.

The Stockholm Syndrome Race Traitor

In general, a person with Stockholm syndrome feels so weak and terrified by those whom he perceives as stronger that he develops a iron bond of  interdependence with a captor or oppressor,  but in this case, it is not formed with a person or group, but with a race he sees as dominant or in charge. Those afflicted with this malady recognize and are keenly aware of the immediate dangers involved and are interested in their own personal survival above all other considerations. They rationalize their behavior by telling themselves that those who are powerful must be right, and they even feel gratitude towards their oppressors for not having hurt them more yet. They  use every opportunity to demonstrate that they identify with their masters  and not with themselves, their family, or their tribe, so that they might be thought of as valuable. This makes them feel it is less likely that the “Powerful Ones” will hurt them and they also feel that they gain some sort of reflected power by doing their master’s bidding, even if this involves abusing others.  At some point they truly can no longer identify with anyone but their tormentor. Their fear is so intense that some of them even mistake this extreme feeling they have for their masters for affection, but it is not love that is in play, because this is not an equal relationship. They believe themselves to care for their oppressors out of fear that their oppressors might harm them if dis-satisfied, so they seek a reason to dedicate themselves  to complete and total  appeasement, and  become 2 dimensional beings or slaves.



Just below is a very brief excerpt of a conversation with a hysterical anti-Zionist man who today was shocked and appalled by the “racist” picture at the beginning of the first article in this series. The conversation occurred in a group called “Purveyors of Truth”, one which stated that there was no censorship, but the man in question, who was an admin, called me crude names and threatened to delete me nevertheless. He also threatened to tell, whoever the black footballer, or basketball player, or whatever was, about the picture implying that I and the other pro-Europeans in the conversation would be afraid (-; , and talked about how great he thought it was for a Black athlete to be with “a beautiful White woman”. This “man” identified with the Black athlete and saw him as powerful. This sort of thinking is often a factor. For example, I remember an Obama loving  pro- gun control woman with no involvement with the government saying “we” this, and “we” that, while repeating government anti-gun propaganda, as though she and the nanny state were one. These pathetic individuals want to cooperate with their rights being taken away and identify with those they deem to be powerful, such as the government.

According to the politically correct, a Jew saying a European person looks like an ape is ok but a European saying Blacks look like an ape is "racist" even though, according to them, we all evolved from apes and there is no such thing as race.

According to the politically correct, a Jew saying a European person looks like an ape is ok but a European saying Blacks look like apes is “racist” even though, according to them, we all evolved from apes and there is no such thing as race.

This irate man, who said he was white,  was concerned about “White men killing Muslim Arabs” but not at all about about Jews killing tens of millions of Europeans in World War II [3] . He was able to see the right side of the picture in the link above, which he saw as a comparison of an ape to a Black, but did not care in the least about the left side of the picture (see below)  in which Germans were not just compared to apes, but accused of using their culture as a club, emphatically and explicitly seen in the club labelled “kultur” held by the ape. The idea is that European people  enjoying and practicing their own culture is “racist” and that any who wish to do so must be “racist”, and deserve, quite literally, to be killed. You can see the same idea being pushed below, again, courtesy of the flamboyant Mr. Smith. As a result of Jewish demonization and lies like these, 60 million people were horribly killed, but this made not the slightest blip on this human rights activist’s moral radar. [3]

Close-up of Jewish orchestrated propaganda poster meant to demonize and kill not just the German people, but their culture as well...

Close-up of Jewish orchestrated propaganda poster meant to demonize and kill not just the German people, but their culture as well…

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    I doubt you will see the opening post image used even by the Jews who control the MSM!

    This particular filth was brought to us here by Seana Fenner.
  • Seana Fenner Thank you, I am pleased you think I am a racist, but I do have a couple questions, how, exactly is the picture you mention, racist? Is reality racist? Do you think Mohamed Ali was “filth” too, or is it just me because I am white. (-: Could it be you are racist ?

Video Above deleted by ZOG, here is replacement. Even Muhammad Ali, or Cassius Clay, is not allowed to defy ZOG and go against the Jewish agenda of mixing all races but the Jews out without being censored apparently. Interesting to think about how Blacks will be treated by Jews if they ever manage to eliminate us. In case you have not read the Talmud, this might give you some idea of how Jews historically view all non- Jews.


Enter Ryan Smith again, to see just how little the terroristic Communist control- freak mindset of Jewish supremacists has changed over time. First he went into a rage about a musician named Danjul Norse having been, in his own words, “charged”, with the following crimes, which he believed merited “further investigation”:

 1). attending a Leif Erickson festival;

2). wearing a t-shirt that honored Leif Erickson;

3). ..and… quelle horreur…holding a Norwegian flag (!)


What is the Difference between Semitic Arabs burning Norwegian flags in Norway and Semitic Jews terrorizing Scandinavians for touching them in the US? Not a hell of a lot.

What is the difference between Semitic Arabs burning Norwegian flags in Norway and Semitic Jews terrorizing Scandinavians for holding Norwegian flags in the US? Not a hell of a lot.

We are then treated to another facet of the manipulative tirade of this  fake Pagan… the idea that  traditional Nordic folk who practice our own religion together, honor our Gods, our Ancestors and love our people and culture are bigots who are persecuting Jews.  Just as his ancestors promoted propaganda that Germans enjoying their own European culture were evil bigots and should be killed, Europeans, or for that matter any other race, existing as anything other than the slaves of Jews is just unacceptable you see..

Mr. Smith  states:

Metapolitics is the practice of bringing about social change by using nonpolitical means to establish a new dominant cultural frame, also referred to as cultural hegemony. The intent is not to challenge people’s politics but to find other ways to win them over through means like music, art and events organized under the banners of cultural preservation and tradition. Stripping away the philosophical meandering, the result of this strategy is a pattern of deliberate obfuscation, misrepresentation and deception. People, for perfectly understandable reasons, would want nothing to do with a group openly advocating for the establishment of a fascist, jackbooted dictatorship. This is where metapolitics comes into play. An example is the concept of apple pie words, such as the substitution of terms like “racial supremacy” with more innocent ones like “identity” or “culture,” to conceal true intent and win over the unwary. The BNP, KKK, and other white nationalists are not alone in using this approach, as can be seen in the three tiers strategy of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany who focus on cultural, community and electoral activism. This is the reason many white nationalists will claim they are totally not political. They just want to hang out with people who share the same race-based culture and who also happen to think Jim Crow was a good idea and the Holocaust was a hoax… Just as most people would have nothing to do with a person seriously proposing we all put on jackboots and start heiling Hitler, the same can be said of those who openly identify as racists and bigots… …[4]

There is no difference at all between this European- hating sociopath and the Rabbi in the picture below, who is trying to eliminate the last few European symbols and European holidays from the Christian religion by suggesting that any celebration of European heritage might offend or upset a Jew . This naked hatred and aggression thinly masked as “sensitivity”, is meant to appeal to susceptible Christians who have been trained to be all tolerating accepting sheep and martyrs, mindlessly compassionate to everyone but their own folk. However, this is not about religion, it is about race, and a hatred for our race in particular, a vast hatred so great in its scope that it is almost beyond human understanding…

In case you did not know, celebrating Yule is persecuting Jews!

In case you did not know, celebrating Yule is persecuting Jews! For more on this topic see The Grinch and the Rebirth of the Jul

The “Righteous” Betrayer 

When I look at the pictures below, I keep thinking about the two little European boys whose mother went away to Africa multiple times and came back with 8 African children to replace them and take away any advantage they might otherwise have had, if their parents had actually wished to devote time and attention to them. Ideally, these poor boys should be taken away from these shallow monsters pretending to be their parents, and given to real parents who love them. These self-righteous betrayers are the yuppies of the tribal traitor world. They are generally very boring people who feel they need some drama in their lives or something to talk about at dinner parties or church socials to make them more interesting, so when some idée fixe that they believe makes them more multi-faceted, glamorous, or heroic comes along they jump on it, regardless of who suffers from it. They do not have sufficient imagination even to fully understand what they have done.



Many European heritage Christians are allowing their children to be sent to Communist indoctrination centres rather than schools, and paying for it too, marrying outside our race, actively aiding those who wish to annihilate us… and for good measure adopting African children. There would be nothing to prevent these couples from adopting a needy European child, for instance from Eastern Europe, but these children are not considered because they are not Black or Asian and will not give the people doing this the social approval fix they are looking for.

The Shame of adoption of children solely so as to be praised by a sick Semitic controlled society.

The shame of adoption of children  of other races solely so as to be praised by a sick Semitic controlled society.

One Judeo-Christian Nordic American couple, with two natural children of their own,  adopted no fewer than 8 Black African siblings from Sierra Leone. In doing this, they are destroying the prospects and future of their own children, but their own children, their real children, again, are not Black and therefore not entitled to any loyalty. All of this is done so as not to be considered “racist”, and to please a Jewish god. They think that we are all brothers, instead of realizing that all races of the earth, healthily and positively, think of their own people as brothers and sisters, regardless of religion, apart from European heritage Christians, who think of their own people last, if at all.

One wonders if it ever occurs to these religious folk, the sheep of the Jewish god,  who think they are being so high minded in treading the narrow path to tribal self- destruction, that not only is the White genocide in South Africa not being covered in the Jewish owned media, but that no blacks, anywhere, Christian or otherwise, are protesting about this massive racially motivated murder of peaceful Christian farmers who were, in some cases, so foolishly glad to hand their government to Jewish funded Black Communists [5]

No… no Africans or other Blacks, no Christian Blacks, and no Jews are sending money to the starving White victims who have been dispossessed of their land by the ANC regime because their race is Caucasian Nordic, nor are they trying to help people who are being cut up into pieces, burned, raped, and tortured to death due to their skin color being white.

Meanwhile, to complete this panorama of White serfdom, European heritage veterans are out fighting wars and risking their lives for Israel, not the US, and often being thrown out of their homes when they return,  losing them to the  illegal, unconstitutional Jewish owned banking system, controlled by the Federal Reserve. In fact, it appears that they are targeted specifically[6] . After all, Jews do not want anyone with any military expertise who might wake up to be able to resist them. The Jewish owned Federal Reserve’s existence itself is a criminal act and a violation of our Constitution, one which makes all Americans effectively debt slaves of Israel from the moment our money is printed, and that is not all [7] ..

Lied to, used, and discarded by Jews and Israel, approx. a third of veterans made homeless, even when disabled, by Jewish corporations they unwittingly served.

Lied to, used, and discarded by Jews and Israel, approx. a third of veterans made homeless, even when disabled, by Jewish corporations they unwittingly served.

Not only do we give Israel aid in excess of 8 million dollars a day, again illegally, since they are in violation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, as a country that does not allow nuclear inspections, despite their having hundreds of nuclear weapons [8] ,  but we fight wars for their national interest, not ours, and the cost of these wars is astronomical. So far we have given Israel more than 3 trillion dollars in AID alone. Meanwhile, our own borders and country go unprotected  [9] .

We are a controlled occupied vassal state of Israel, in regard to our banking, our media, and our government [10] . Nor are we alone… Virtually every country in the world is controlled by illegal Jewish owned central banks, and those that are not, such as Iran, are the countries we are encouraged to go to war with in order to protect Jewish profits. Now, Nordic folk in America are expected to take care of children from Mexico too, rather than our own veterans, children, needy, or elderly. Anything other than actually taking a moment to help our own people, European folk, who need help too. As we say in our Odinist Creed, these other ethnic groups are free to take care of their own people certainly, but it is not our job to do so.

The Troll Strumpets

These are the men and women of European ethnicity who have become Ego-whores.. In cases where tribal traitors race mix to get jobs and approval, this behavior really amounts to prostitution of our race and future for money and the sake of appearance and other personal gain. Clearly none of the people who react in such a fashion care about either Europeans or Africans; they care only about how they look. The real question here is, how they look to whom? The suffering of the veteran above would mean very little to them, because they are not even capable of caring about anything other than their own egos, and the establishment tells them that one can only feel compassion for non-Europeans.


Their puffed up egos are not based on any real achievement, but instead, upon adherence to indoctrination and collaboration and the extent of their treachery against their own people, which they pride themselves on. Many such people are academics. The only positive thing in this is, I suppose, is that Jews hate traitors every bit as much as I do. These Marxists think that they will be rewarded for their perfidy, but since the goal is the annihilation of all European folk, that does include the cowards who do not resist as well. At least the non-whites in the equation are not betraying their own folk. Jews really are morally superior to them.


A good case in point, is a former academic and journalist who defriended me on facebook, indicating that he thought I was a deceitful, morally “ugly” racist, because I had presided over an Odinist memorial ceremony to honor our Aryan dead. The other day I was disgusted, but not altogether surprised, to come across this same person, who had demonstrated some truly wild anti-white double standards, engaging in further hypocrisy.

In the original incident, many people tried to reason with this man and they pointed out the incontrovertible fact that the Communist leadership in Russia was overwhelmingly Jewish, and that the people the Communist Jews killed were Europeans, the implication being, of course, that these victims are important too, even though they are not Jewish, but the “academic” in question was immune to reason. Just to get an idea of how sick this was, here is he picture he commented upon and the part where he “defriends” me for my honoring our dead at Holodomor. If you would like to know more about these murdered children, please see here. They matter.

Memorial service for the some15 million Ukrainian Europeans, a third of them children, murdered by Communist Jews in order to steal their land. "There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance”.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe… Memorial service for the some 15 million Ukrainian Europeans, a third of them children, murdered by Communist Jews in order to steal their land.

7 April 2012 at 09:53 · Like · 2

Alan McNarie Seanna, how, exactly, do you define “my own people”? 7 April 2012 at 11:34 · Like

Seana Fenner European Caucasians. 7 April 2012 at 11:42 · Like · 2 Seana Fenner Have you ever asked anyone at Kamehameha Schools who they define as their own people. Alan? (-; 7 April 2012 at 11:44 · Like · 2

Alan McNarie They define by ancestry. But “Caucasian” is defined (very vaguely) by physical characteristics, and “European” is defined by territory. Many Afghanis and Iranians are as Caucasian-looking as you are. “Aryan” is a term that originated in India. My ancestry traces almost entirely (if not entirely) to European, but I have far more in common with some people of Hawaiian or Asian ancestry than I do with some Europeans. The genes that make me look European are far less important than the genes that make me intelligent and compassionate. 7 April 2012 at 12:01 · Like

Alan McNarie The gulag was evil, and we should mourn all its victims, as as we should mourn all of Hitler’s victims. 7 April 2012 at 12:02 · Like

Seana Fenner Incredibly inappropriate..you talk about semantics because you cannot deal with the truth. How dare you compare the racist murder of tens of millions of my people- which has been covered up- to *any* other event on this day? Have you ever gone to a jewish holocaust event and asked the participants to remember the millions of Europeans their ancestors murdered out of racist hate? My question about Kamehameha schools was not rhetorical…Why don’t you answer both questions? You are avoiding the real issue…which is why these people’s deaths have been obscured and minimized so shamefully?…but you know the answer, don’t you? 7 April 2012 at 16:08 · Like · 3

Alan McNarie There have been hundreds, probably thousands, of articles, books and media reports about the gulags. And tons of evidence that Soviet leaders sentenced people for for political and ideological reasons. Jews died in the Gulags. Asians died in the gulags. Stalin was an equal opportunity butcher; he just had more Europeans available to slaughter. And Stalin was a Caucasian himself. And when the purges were finally over with, the ethnic Russians were firmly in power in the Soviet Union By claiming that this horrible tragedy was “racist,” mourning only people of a certain skin color and blaming it on Jews when Marxists and Stalinists of many ethnicities were involved, you yourself are twisting the truth, Seana,in a very horrible way. You’ve revealed an ugly side of yourself that I had not been aware of before. I don’t think I care to call you a friend anymore. 7 April 2012 at 17:41 · Like


What was this “man” who pompously defriended me on facebook because I had used the word Aryan, and actually care about murdered children of my own race, doing the next time I came across him? He was highly concerned over some possible cock fighting and screeching in capital letters about how he had called the police, all for effect. Now please do not think I am in favor of cock fighting, but I do think that a child, even a European child, deserves at least as much attention as a chicken. I said what I thought, and I was promptly reviled and thrown out of the group where this happened by anti-white racists, some of whom were White collaborators, some Jews, and some simply mixed or non- white people who hate Europeans.

One multi- mixed woman who informed everyone she was Chinese, Hawaiian, Russian and married to a Filipino (got all that?) was spewing foul language at me, and insulting European native religion, and saying that this was not Europe. Needless to say, Hawaii is not the Philippines or China either, but she is not telling Filipinos that they do not belong in Hawaii.

There were ravings about how we were all one race, except for mine of course, since my race is apparently evil and we deserve to be genocided, and there was even the suggestion that mass murderers were “all white”. She said she knew this because she was a “law student”.

Yet another video deleted by our Jewish occupied media and government. I’ll replace it with two others for good measure.

My comment, explaining to her that there are actually large numbers of black mass murderers and that the most prolific mass murderer of all was Genrik Yagoda, a Communist Jew, could never be posted because I was removed.  A post pointing out that the local national  park would advertise Judeo Christian services but not European ones, was also removed by a woman named Cat Killam who had said she was “Pagan” but who, strangely, did not appear to support equal rights for Pagans if they were traditional European and tribal, rather than universalist like Christians..

A Jew in the discussion even demanded that I remove a picture of a small girl who was killed in a Jewish- orchestrated white genocide, saying it was “offensive” and of course no one had a problem with this, because small European children are not considered as important as chickens. I do not think that I am being the least bit excessive in saying that if nothing is done, these trends, this insanity, and extremist hatred of whites, and self-destructive collaboration by traitorous whites, will worsen, until there are no more Europeans.

The Shell Shocked

Most people fall into this category in one way or another. These are people who know what is happening but do not know quite what to do about it. Some do their best, even when they have no time or are mentally or physically disabled, financially distressed, or even in danger of losing their jobs. Others, because they cannot solve the whole thing all at once, or are afraid, or uncertain, sit back and do nothing. It is very important that we manage to get into the first category rather than the second, because action and working together tribally is a stage we must get to, and soon, if we are to survive. Don’t worry about it, just take a deep breath, and try.. meaning to succeed, not fail, and taking all necessary steps to win. Our Gods will help you. Unlike Yahweh, they are real.


Here is Darwin’s prediction for the future [11] which is thought provoking. At this point in time at least, it is the other way around from his scenario; civilized man is being exterminated by the savages, in some cases, with the help of civilized man. One might fairly wonder here, which of the two options is preferable for us and for the planet? Hypothetically, which one would any sane or sensible person choose if there were no other choice but these two scenarios?

Darwin writes..

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla.  [12]

In an era when European infants and older Nordic Americans are being targeted with “knock out games”  already by cowardly hate-filled Blacks who beat unarmed elderly White people, sometimes to death, and  approx. 90 percent of all inter-racial crime has White victims and Black perpetrators, Oprah Winfrey recently spoke in favor of white genocide, the currently ongoing option of the two mentioned above. That’s right, she actually talked about how great it would be when our parents and grandparents were dead, possibly even inciting more knock out “games” in so doing. No one is cancelling her speeches, charging her with hate speech, or throwing her in jail for 7 years as was done to Ernst Zundel [13] , who merely wrote a history book, however.

‘There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.’ Oprah Winfrey

In our Pagan past,  I imagine, this woman would have died a truly horrible and painful death by now, along with her parents, and any children; however, most European heritage Christians are on board with this attitude, and merely sit by and wait for more abuse, sending more money to Black children in Africa, and wringing their hands about the suffering of the world village.. Of course in a European Pagan society, Ms. Winfrey would never have been given a job by a Jew in the first place just because she is Black and hates Whites, which is what happened, and we would have been spared being bombarded by pompous ZOG funded messages like this meant to improve us.

Please speak out about the White sex slave trade in Israel. Dare to care about your own folk.

Please speak out about the White sex slave trade in Israel. Dare to care about your own folk.

Actually, in a Pagan society, all of the Blacks probably would have been shipped back to Africa long ago, hopefully with the Jews who had brought them to America and other European heritage countries through the medium of the mostly Jewish- owned slave trade and Jewish- led mass non- European immigration, preferably on the same boat. As it is, we have people who hate and envy European ancestry people so much that they are unable to take in simple facts, such as the fact that the Black African “Dutch” slave trade was completely controlled by Jews who owned almost every slave ship. To acknowledge this fact would go against their training and they simply do not have the guts to fight against Jewish dominance. Blacks who cannot take this in or pretend not, to be able to do it for a more sensible reason… derailing white guilt might end their racial entitlements and free ride on the system and force them to take personal responsibility for their own actions and lives.

Even more shamefully, in the face of these verifiable facts, the cowardly maniacs who support white extinction demand that European whites, the only people ever to fight and kill one another over stopping slavery of another race, which they could be persuaded to do because they were Christian, should also pay reparations [14]   for the Jewish owned slave trade, despite the fact that only  1.4 percent of them ever owned slaves and that none of the slave owners are alive.

Most shamefully of all, in the case of Whites who fashionably wish to be in favor of white genocide, these heartless and spiritless traitors to our people could not care less about the CURRENT White sex slave trade in Israel using White girls and women from the Ukraine. These victims are European, not Black African, so they do not matter. They are unable to feel any empathy whatsoever for their own folk and have become anti-white sociopaths dancing to a Jewish tune, selectively ignoring any facts that do not fit into the Jewish propaganda narrative.

Did only white people have slaves? Were Jews in charge of African slave trade and current white slave trade in Israel?

Did only White people have slaves? Were Jews in charge of African slave trade, and are they running the CURRENT white slave trade in Israel now?

And so, we commonly have people raving about slavery and assigning blame for it to European ancestry people despite the fact that Whites are the only ones ever to fight against slavery, while Blacks still have slavery in Africa, and that there is an ongoing sex slave trade in Israel right now with European victims. The Jewish African slave trade is falsely blamed on Europeans by the 97 percent Jewish owned media in order to incite violence against Whites and engender White guilt, but the Jewish- owned White Slave trade in Israel does not even warrant a single mention on the controlled news, or the slightest concern. Jacob Zuma, ANC President sings “Kill the Boer” and this is just fine and dandy too, and deemed just as unworthy of news coverage, and Whites are killed in South Africa in horrible ways by Blacks who hate and envy them, and no one blinks an eye. In fact, the response is that the Whites should not have been there and deserve to be killed, and this is a consistent response, from all Blacks I have ever mentioned the White genocide in Africa to.

The Accidental Traitor Airheads

These are the White people who are so unused to complex thought that they merely parrot whatever they hear on Talmud-vision or in our Marxist universities, and they become slightly confused when something that does not have to do with weight lifting, sex, hair styles, or how horrible white people are and how downtrodden everyone else is, comes up. They do things like make youtube videos apologizing for being White and saying how much they hate their own race. They wear friendship bracelets, sport dreadlocks, hold hands, sing Kumbayah, and suggest that universal marijuana use will create Peace. Most will not be a factor either way in this struggle, but who knows? Perhaps it has become so obvious maybe even some of them will wake up.


The following photo is a mild example, the only one I could find without extreme abuse and profanity from Blacks or Jews.. Mild as it is compared  to the others, it is most definitely, a Black man expressing approval for the idea of genocide of Whites by Blacks and he is doing this on a page where White idiots and traitors to their own people are lining up to give money to Blacks instead of their own children or tribe. It is taken from a page where what appear to be mostly European Nordic people are commenting. A Nordic American couple in Colorado have made the page to ensure that instead of receiving wedding gifts from their friends or family, they can ask for donations to African charities… ALL charities which benefit Black Africans … and nothing whatsoever for needy European heritage folk. They do this at a time when white African genocide victims are being tortured to death by Black Africans and their lands are being taken away from them by a Jewish orchestrated Black racist Communist regime.

Black African suggesting that Whites deserve to be genocided for setting up civilization in Africa. By the same token, do you think that perhaps Blacks and Jews deserve to be genocided? If you are white, chances are you never even considered this.

Black man suggesting that Whites deserve to be genocided for setting up civilization in Africa… as though things were better for Blacks, rather than FAR worse, in African Black run areas. By the same token, do you think that perhaps Blacks and Jews deserve to be genocided for destroying civilization, and stealing from and killing others on  a massive scale? If you are Nordic, chances are you never even considered this question. Perhaps it is time to.

The idea that Europeans somehow deserve to be genocided is prevalent at the moment among both Whites and Blacks. Or, at least that is the response until all the White farmers who provide the food are dead or have fled, as in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia. When things like this happen, the Blacks in the region actually want Europeans to come back and manage things for them since they are starving. In fact, I have seen articles by Black Africans seriously suggesting that the Whites, whom they have killed thousands of horribly in large numbers, should come back and care for them again!

Strangely, no Black African Christians are saying they hate their own race for killing so many Europeans, adopting White victims of the farm attacks, sending them money, protesting in the streets about it, or raging about the evils of racism in regard to them. In accordance with a bizarre bias which defies all reason, even mentioning crimes against European ancestry people by other races, makes one a “racist” much less objecting to them! Actually dealing with the facts in any rational sense is unheard of.. Everyone who is not European ancestry must be right and good and deserving of survival, but we European ancestry folk and our parents all “just have to die”

Comments on a post about how abused Obama has been by "racists". No reason, no accountability, and certainly no compassion for European ancestry folk, allowed!

Comments on a local Hawaiian post about how  Obama has been terribly abused by “racists”. No reason, no accountability, and certainly no compassion for European ancestry folk, allowed!


Native Americans have always taken slaves in raids, a fact not often mentioned,  but apart from this, slavery in Caucasian North America did not begin until Jews altered laws to make it legal. The first Blacks were brought to North America in 1619. The slave trade was ended in 1808 and was made illegal in 1819, and its abolition later was also included in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Even at the height of slavery, only 1.4 percent of  European Americans ever owned slaves, and we may assume that this figure includes Jewish slave owners. In fact, at one point, freed Black slaves [15]  owned their own slaves, at a higher percentage (2 percent) than Europeans did. The percentage of living people who were African slave owners or African slaves in America is zero. Blacks who were sold by Blacks to Jews or those who worked for the Jews have vastly higher standards of living than Blacks in Black African run countries today. The “carpetbaggers” who descended upon Southern survivors of the Civil War were Jewish [16] . 620,000 European Americans died in the Civil War.

The Jewish nature of the African slave trade, an overwhelmingly Jewish enterprise, both historically and currently.

The Jewish nature of the African slave trade, an overwhelmingly Jewish enterprise, both historically and currently.

Instead of incoherently babbling about a slave trade having existed for 400 years when the country in question,  America, is not even that old, and wallowing in guilt that is not even ours, let’s free the people who are really enslaved for a change. Let’s pay more attention to European children and our own veterans and elderly, expel all non-Europeans from all European heritage countries, buy products only from those of our tribe, donate to European rather than African causes, attend our own Nordic religious services, and stand up and demand our rights. It is time that we stopped trying to pay for or make up for the inadequacies of others and started to give back life to our own folk. May our Gods be with us.

Please, if you have not already.. help our OWN people for a change. They need it.

Please, if you have not already.. help our OWN people for a change. They need it.


Next week: Darwin’s Choice.. Extinction and De-evolution or “Racism”?  Part 3. What do Katy Perry and Tarzan have to do with it?

©2012 Odinia All Rights Reserved


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