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Hail and Welcome!

Greetings to all those who are interested in our native European faith, Odinism. You have come to the right place.


Odinia International is a European ancestry tribal organization for our folk. We are dedicated to providing our members with news,  educational and spiritual resources, and the fellowship of others of our religion. If you are, as yet, unfamiliar with your European spiritual roots and wish to explore your native religion, we have many resources that may be of use.

Some things are worth fighting for... one of them is our native religion, Odinism...

Some things are worth fighting for… one of them is our native religion, Odinism…


For those who are completely unfamiliar with Odinism, there is a brief, general explanation to begin your journey in the article “What is Odinism?” For a bit more history about just how an alien religion was forced upon us originally, please see here. More complex research and rituals for those more familiar with Odinism or folkish Ásatrú can be seen in the videos on our Odinistpodcast Channel. Our main website is Odinia.org. You can access our other websites also from the main page. 

Membership and Profession

There are membership and profession pages for those who are interested in applying for membership at Odinia international, and preliminary information for those who wish to engage in the ritual of profession. If you are interested in joining us, email is always  a good way to contact us. We would be delighted to talk to you on the phone, Skype, or Google+ as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Odinism, and have questions, you can contact us at our temple headquarters at Tel.  (808) 985 -8580 or send us an email to our main contact email address: Odinia@icloud.com You can also add us on Skype so as to be able to participate in online events such as our Rune Journeys Book Club at Skype address: live:Odinia 

Odinia International Newsletter Launch... Email Seana_Fenner@yahoo.com with "add me" in the subject line to receive your Odinia Newsletter.... To be certain to receive newsletters, add our email address to your safe sender list.

Odinia International Newsletter Launch…
Email Seana_Fenner@yahoo.com with “add me” in the subject line to receive your Odinia Newsletter….
To be certain to receive newsletters, add our email address to your safe sender list.

New Newsletter and Odinist Journal Foxfire

If you wish to submit an article to the Foxfire Odinist Journal for publication, write us at Odinia@icloud.com.This online journal comes out annually and is free of charge, but please do feel free to donate to this and our other projects if  you feel so inclined.

If you would like to be on our subscriber list and receive our new Odinist letter, send us an email at Seana_Fenner@yahoo.com with “add me” in the subject line.  If we receive an email from you, we shall occasionally send you news of interest to Odinists. Please be sure to reply to say you have received your first newsletter so we know you are receiving it. If you do not receive it, try looking in your spam folder, and feel free to contact us if there is still any difficulty.

It may take us a while to get back to you because we often have many events, civil rights issues, or editing to work on in regard to Odinism at once, but we shall get back to you. If you any reason you do not receive a response, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at our Odinist temple line at Tel.  (808) 985 -8580. 

Our Odinist video redes (sermons) and blóts (rituals) on Youtube, offer a great deal of original research on the restoration of our religion and its rituals, including original poetry, songs, and prayers. Some have reported playback difficulties while attempting to watch them on Youtube. Bear in mind that most of these videos can be accessed on Odinia.org too, through the pages at the top, where no such difficulties have been reported.

Join us... and kindle the fire of our folk...

Join us… and kindle the fire of our folk…

 The Odinist

As far as this particular Odinia International website is concerned, the blog feature on the Odinist Articles Page is active, and we suggest you have a look at our articles here. Please bear with us a while yet because we are still testing the features here on our new sister page and you may see a few test posts here and there. This is not a replacement page  for Odinia.org, but a page for other aspects of our mission, such as Odinist books.

Our main page, Odinia International & FoxFire, is still very active and up and running at Odinia.org.  It has a great deal of general information,  articles  and other resources for a beginning Odinist, a  blog, our annual Odinist Journal FoxFire  and our popular Odinist Creed. In addition to this, there is now a third Odinia International website meant to replace the ZOG censored Freyja Hof’s Muse Blog, the Viking Althing of Odinia , and Odinist Music meditation articles are available at ThinkTribally.org. Our newest Odinist website is at NationofOdin.org and it features our news publication, Raven’s Eye. We are currently seeking authors to contribute Odinist news articles to Raven’s Eye.

If you are interested in Nordic, and other Odinist books, on our innate culture, archaeology, history and spirituality, you may want to join us in our new Odinist Rune Journeys Book Club. We shall soon have a ritual book of our own available for those who are interested. Meanwhile, we recommend Stubba’s Book of the Blots.

We hope that you enjoy and learn new things from our pages and our podcasts. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about Odinism or are interested in applying for membership or starting a chapter of Odinia International in your region.

Waes Hael! (-;



Loving our folk gives our lives meaning... and joy...

Loving our folk gives our lives meaning… and joy…


Due to excessive automated registration and other spam, registration through this site and our other sites is disabled on our websites. If you have already registered on our websites, we apologize. It is simply impossible for us to go through millions of  fake registrations and other types of attacks. The best way to contact us is through email or by telephone.



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34 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. I want to do activism work for Odinism. I am an accomplished activist. I am in Ogden Utah but grew up in the ghettos of Los Angeles, California. Please respond. not only do I refuse to fail or back down but I will expand the cause where I live. I have 2 acres where I will be having odinist gathering

      • I read this book (Osred’s “Odinism, Past, Present, and Future”) with a sincere desire to better understand Odinism and I found it to be disappointing. 60-70% of the book is all about what’s wrong with Catholic Christianity. As a protestant I agree with some of the arguments but that’s beside the point. This book really did not teach me much about Odinism itself. I found your article ”What is Odinism” to be very similar and a basic summer of this book. Is there a book that teaches what Odinism is specifically without constantly referring to what’s wrong with Christianity?

        I realize that to fully understand the struggles Odinism has gone through that one must be educated about the horrible things that have been done in the name of Christianity but I am past that now and would like to focus solely on the origin and teachings of Odinism so that I can increase my knowledge and understanding. I am starting to think that the strongest reasoning Odinist have for there religion is the hatred for Christianity. Certainly there must be some substance to chew on.


        • Dear Josh, Firstly, I would be interested to see your work so I could compare it to Osred’s and mine and see how much more substantial it is. Why don’t you give us your last name and a list of your articles and books? My general article on Odinism was written a long time ago, before I read the book I believe, and it most certainly is not a summary of it.. In fact, it bears no relationship to it at all so it seems very odd that you would suggest that my article is derivative. I always give credit to others for their ideas and is there is nothing listed it is because it is general encyclopedic knowledge that is being alluded to or because it consists of my work and my ideas. If you wish to learn more about Odinism, in a more in depth way, you might wish to view my videos on Odinism on the “Odinistpodcast” station on Youtube. Some of these, and also some more in depth articles, are alluded to here. http://odinist.org/odinist-gods-heroes-and-festivals/ Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck and best regards.

  2. Hi. I was born in Europe, Hungary and I’m just starting to learn about Odinism. I love this religion, it seems peaceful and connects me to nature and the homeland of my ancestors. I would like to become a member too. I will write you an email and try to send some donations! Odin bless!

  3. Hello,

    My name is Brennan and I am a musician/songwriter from Louisiana. I am in the middle of the bible belt and it has been quite a lonely journey to discover Odinism. The religion has started coming through in my music. I plan on using my skills to promote Odinism and the virtues to our folk in several different musical styles. I have a small production studio to accomplish this with. I really enjoy your site and it makes me feel so not alone. Please send a blessing from the Gods my way. For I am solitary in this endeavor down here in Christian land .

    Thank you very much


    • Dear Brennan,

      Thank you for your encouraging words! I am delighted that you wish to stand up for our folk and our native religion. May our Gods be with you in all your endeavors! If you have not contacted us already, please do get in touch at odinia.org. You can add us on Skype at odinia:live, email us at Odinia (at) outlook (dot) com, or telephone us at (808) 985 -8580 Hawaii time. Waes Hael!

    • Greetings Brennan,

      I have lived in Texas my entire life, so I know exactly how you feel! I’ve lived at Toledo Bend area on the TX side for 12 years now and it is very lonely as you said. You’re not alone out here!! I pray your musical journey has been successful!
      Blessed Be~!


  4. This is one of the best websites I have seen in a long time on the net..fantastic….great info and knowledge….The ZOG BABYLON EMPIRE is world wide in every country….Your site is a breath of fresh air….I like DAVID LANE alot ..he was a hero of White Race….as well as Robert Matthews of the Order…Inbred Raghead Sand Niggers are running wild everywhere…in fact all the Darkies are running wild now…I like Martin Lindstedt also…he explains race good and how ZOG BABYLOIN will implode on its own..also like Julie Mitchell and how she explains Rh Negative Blood and how all darkies are weapons of mass destruction of the Serpent Race…14/88 LONG LIVE THE CAUSE……Great Site..ODIN BLESS YOU…..

    • Thank you, John (-: You may enjoy our main website, Odinia.org, and vikingalthing.org too. May our Gods be with you!

  5. I am seeking other warriors who have not forgotten why odin created man. I need fellow asatruar who are ready to take back up the sword and restore order to our world the nine are not the virtues of todays world come train and build up skill and sinew with me in preparation for ragnarok mankind is the army of the gods after all. SKAL !

  6. Hello folks,
    My name is Stephanie and I’ve started to study Odinism. My question is if I continue my path, will it put me in harms way? My ancestors practiced Odinism (or the like) so it is definitely something I want to add to my life but I am a bit afraid after reading articles over and over that we’re dangerous. I know I’m probably wrong but I need some mental assurance to get over that fear cliff.

    May the gods be with you.

  7. Great Blog! I think you should add the following links to the library or add them to the page:






















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