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Hail and Welcome!

Greetings to all those who are interested in our native European faith, Odinism. You have come to the right place. Odinia International is a  European tribal organization for our folk dedicated to providing our members with news,  educational and spiritual resources, and the fellowship of others of our religion with similar interests.

If you are interested in our upcoming website, or in Odinism, please take a moment to send us an email. If you mention that you wish to be on our Subscribers List, we shall send you news of interest to Odinists. If you are interested in joining us, email is a good way to contact us. We would be delighted to talk to you on the phone, Skype or google+ as well.

Skype: vonfenneberg


runeripple (at)gmail.com

odinia (at) outlook.com

Please bear with us a while yet because we are still testing the features here on our new sister page and you may see a few test posts here and there. This is not a replacement page  for Odinia.org, but a page for other aspects of our mission, such as Odinist books. Our original page, Odinia International & FoxFire, is still very active and up and running at Odinia.org.  It has a great deal of general information,  articles  and other resources for a beginning Odinist , a new news blog, our Odinist Journal FoxFire  and our popular Odinist Creed.

If you are interested in Nordic and other Odinist books on our innate culture, archaeology, history and spirituality, you may want to join us on our new “Goodreads Odinist Book & Video club”  which has just been launched.

Waes Hael! (-;

Odinism and Odinist Books, Websites, and Videos…

Odinism and Odinist Books, Websites, and Videos 16 members

This is a place for us to enjoy sharing interesting books on our native European history, culture…

Books we’ve read

Odinism: present, past and ...
Odinism: present, past and futureby OsredStart date: August 1, 2013


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